A13 Processor Running Sub-exposure: Single Core Performance Increased by 12%

On the eve of the launch of the new iPhone, the suspected A13 processor ran into the GeekBench 4.4 database. The device named iPhone 12,1 might be the so-called iPhone 11, which is the iterative model of the iPhone XR.

From the perspective of running points, this is a 6-core ARM architecture processor with a base frequency of 2.66GHz, a single core of 5,415 points and a multicore of 11,294 points. In addition, the “iPhone 11” runs on a 4GB RAM platform with an iOS 13.1 system.


Back to performance, the base frequency increased by 6.8% compared to the A2’s 2.49GHz, the single-core score increased by 12% compared to the A12 typical average of 4796 points, and the multi-core is basically flat.

There are also careful people who noticed that the motherboard ID N104AP, the L1 cache and the L2 cache capacity are reduced compared to the A12 Bionic. This may be caused by GB4’s inability to judge the new platform that has not been optimized. distinguish.

Previously, it was reported that the A13 processor is standard on three new iPhones, and the new matrix co-processing unit is used for complex calculations. The running memory of the iPhone 11 Pro model will increase to 6GB.

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