FL-2 Type Ammeter A-Grade 30A 40A 50A75MV GB DC Shunt

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Fixed-valued fixed-flow shunts are used to expand the meter’s measurement current range.
Technical Parameters
1. Accuracy level:2-4000A; 0.5 level; 5000~10000A; Level 1
2. Environmental conditions:-40~+60°C, relative temperature ≤95% (35°C)
3. Mechanical resistance:It can withstand the acceleration of the second and the impact frequency of 80~120 times per minute for 6 hours of transportation.
4. Overload performance:rated current 120%, 2 hours.
5. Voltage drop:50mV 75mV 100mV.
6. Heat under load:After the temperature rise changes to stabilize, the rated current does not exceed 80 °C below 50A; the rated current does not exceed 120 °C above 50A.
This product complies with JB/T 9288-1999, GB/T 7676-1998, IEC 61010-1:1999 standard
The accuracy of the FL-2 series shunt is:0.5.
Specification range:1A-15000A
Secondary voltage:20mV, 30mV, 50mV, 60mV, 75mV, 100mV, 150mV, etc., conventionally 75mV.
Package includes
1 x DC Shunt

Weight 0.067 kg


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