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2000W High Power Soft Start Board 30A Dual Temperature Control Switch Delayed Start Board for Amplifier Amp DIY

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1:Terminal type Songchuan relay
2:Plug-in terminal type Songchuan relay
3:Plug-in terminal Songle relay
4:Terminal Type Songle Relay
5:Terminal type HF-105F-1 Relay
6:Plug-in terminal type HF-105F-1 Relay
Product description
Dual temperature control soft start uses high quality power module to replace traditional transformer, with low energy consumption, high efficiency, ultra stable, low heat, 105-235V wide voltage (for domestic and foreign), and so on!
This product PCB adopts 1.6MM thick double-sided fiberglass board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, tin-spraying process to ensure good passing of high current.
It is suitable for high-power amplifier and post-stage power supply as delay soft start board to avoid high current impact at the moment of booting and better protect your machine.
HF-105F-1 high current 30A power relay, stable and reliable performance, the maximum power can support 2000W.
1. Delay start, the first relay is connected at the moment of power-on, and then the current is limited by the NTC thermistor. After a delay, the main relay is turned on to realize the soft-start function. Suppress the inrush current of the power amplifier, because the power of the class A and high power amplifier transformer is large, the load impedance is extremely low, and the capacity of the power supply filter capacitor is too large, resulting in excessive current of the power amplifier when the power is turned on, which easily damages the rectifier bridge and the damage filter capacitor.
2. 2 way overheat protection, use the attached 75 degree temperature control switch to install on the radiator,
When the temperature of the power amplifier board heat sink exceeds 75 degrees, the board can immediately cut off the power supply, and the power amplifier will not be overheated and burned. Until the temperature of the heat sink drops below 75 degrees, the power amplifier can be turned back on, otherwise the power amplifier can’t be turned on.
3. The power switch uses a tact switch, which is convenient and flexible. To prevent frequent machine damage to the machine.After the soft start is turned on, it takes about 12 seconds to shut down!
4. The input power supply voltage is between AC115V and AC230V.
Product parameters
Working voltage:220V
Maximum load:2000W
Control switch:light touch switch
Relay rated power:30A*2
PCB Size:9.8*8*2.2CM
Hole pitch size:7cm*8.6cm
Package included
1 x Switch Delayed Start Board

Weight0.1 kg


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