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Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Module integrated Ranging Sensor Reversing Radar Measuring Distance

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This module is easy to use. A control port sends a high level above 10US, so you can wait for the high level output at the receiving port. You can turn on the timer when there is an output. When this port goes low, you can read it. The value of the timer, at this time is the time of the distance measurement, in order to calculate the distance. Such continuous cycle measurement, that is, you can reach the value of your mobile measurement.
– Small size and easy to use;
– Low voltage and low power consumption;
– High measurement accuracy;
– Strong anti-interference;
– Integrated enclosed waterproof line probe for wet and harsh measurement applications.
Working voltage:DC 5V
Static working current:5mA
Working total current:30mA
Transmission frequency:40KHz
Maximum distance:5M
Blind area:25cm
Working temperature:-10 to 70 C
Storage temperature:-20 to 80C
Wire length:2.5m
1 horizontal ranging
2 obstacle avoidance, automatic control
3 objects are close, there is awareness
4 Traffic control
5 Security, industrial control
6 Artificial intelligence, teaching and research
Basic working Principle
(1) Using IO port TRIG to trigger ranging, giving a high level signal of at least 10us;
(2) The module automatically sends eight 40khz square waves to automatically detect whether there is a signal return;
(3) There is a signal return, and a high level is output through the IO port ECH0, and the high level duration is the time from the transmission to the return of the ultrasonic wave. Test distance = (high time * sound speed (340M / S)) / 2
Package Included
1 x Ranging Sensor

Weight 0.047 kg


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