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Mini Diving Equipment Scuba Diving Cylinder Scuba Oxygen Reserve Air Tank Set

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Name:0.5L Portable Mini Oxygen Cylinder Air Oxygen Tank Breath Diving
Breathing Oxygen Cylinder
Material:Aviation aluminum
Oxygen cylinder weight:1040g
Oxygen cylinder dimension:φ6*35.5cm (2.4*14inch)
Packing case size:65*10*38cm (25.6*4*15inch)
Air capacity:3.0 Cu.Ft / 85 Litters
Max. pressure:3000PSI / 200bar / 20MPa
Max. dwell time underwater:10min
Number of underwater max. breathing:21 times(depending on individual lung capacity and depth of diving)
High-pressure Inflatable Pump
High pressure air pump material:stainless steel
Size:62*26*3.6 cm(24.4*10*1.4inch)
Barometer diameter:4.6cm(1.8inch)
Longest size:106.5cm(42inch)
Shortest size:25.4cm(10inch)
Trachea Length:53cm(21inch)
Connector size:3 x 9cm(1.2 x 3.5 Inch)
Ventilator port diameter:1.7cm(0.7inch)
0.5L oxygen cylinder needs to pump about 500 times.
Aqualung Rotary Union
Function:Connect the respirator and the large bottle of oxygen cylinder, and deliver the gas in the oxygen cylinder to the respirator, which is convenient and efficient. Open the pressure relief valve after inflation.
– The 0.5L oxygen cylinder allows the diver to stay 7 meters underwater for 6-10 minutes (depending on individual lung capacity and depth of diving), perfect for beginners.
– Supports 3 types of inflation:Manual high-pressure Inflatable pump, aqualung switch, electric inflator.
– Uses aviation aluminum material and meets the manufacturing standards for diving equipment.
– Comes with a pressure gauge to show how much air is in the diving tank.
– Fitted with an ergonomic silicone mouthpiece.
– Press and hold the top to vent the pressure inside the bottle.
– Lightweight and portable design, it can be taken on board after twisting the breathing valve.
Preventive Measure & Warning
1. This product is suitable for recreational diving within 10 meters.Do not try to use it as air supply in deeper waters.
2. This product is suitable for use in waters that above 10 degrees Celsius.
3. Recommended maximum ascent speed is 15 metres per minute (the last 6 meters need to be 6 meters per minute).
4. Do not carry products with signs of damage, leakage or undesirable performance.
5. The maximum filling pressure of this product is 3000PSI, and it can not to use filled that gas with oxygen content greater than 40%.Please use clean and dry compressed air, do not expose products above 160 degrees Celsius environment or open fire.
6. After filling the air, the pressure must be released first.
7. Please practice in the shallow water area for the first time. The use of this product requires two or more people to accompany you.
8. When the gauge pointer is close to the red area, stop diving. It must be inflated before it can be used again.
9. Store the product in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, car luggage, or extreme temperatures.
10.This product is a high precision product, please do not disassemble and assemble this product at will.Untrained optional disassembly of this product may cause damage to the product.
Package included
1 x Oxygen Cylinder
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x High-pressure Inflatable Pump
1 Set x Inflatable Pump Accessories
1 x Aqualung Rotary Union
1 x Aluminum Alloy Package Case
1 x User Manual

Weight7.1 kg


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