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Aquarium Filter Automatic Cleaning of Excrement Fish Tank Toilet Suction Device Aquarium forced Fish Sucking

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Size:about 158*88mm/6.22*3.46in
Suitable for fish tank size:600-1000mm
Interface diameter:about 5mm
– Fully automatic,compulsive absorption of fecal filters.
– Fish tank filter barrel aquarium automatic toilet cleaner in polygon geometric art acrylic shape.
– The overflow cover is designed to prevent overflow from the container opening when too much dirt is absorbed.
– The large volume saves time in cleaning the aquarium for ornamental fish manure.
– Easy to operate:Open the air pump in the water to clean the fish tank dirt.
– Oxygen Increasing and Filtering Water Quality:Built-in replaceable filter tank and special strong active biological beads can strengthen the physical filtration effect and provide the space for nitrifying bacteria to strengthen the biological filtration, which can fundamentally improve the water quality stability of the aquarium.
Package Included
1 x Filter Bucket
Note:This product requires 5W or more air pump to drive, this product does not contain air pump.
Problem Solving
1Q:After the product is installed, the filter fan does not working
A:It may be some problem on transporting the fan blade in the middle of the transmission. Therefore, if there is a sharp part, move the fan blade upwards or press it. Look for the correct position and try again. The fan will be a bit slow at first, but it will get faster as the bubble rises.
2Q:This product is not well packaged, the filter beads inside are leaking out
A:This product may leak out of the filter beads because of the problem of reversing the placement in the logistics. When you find out that the filter beads inside are leaking out, please isolate the cover of the net and align it with the bottom net buckle to reinstall it.
3Q:The air pump of this product is too small to move at all, and the air pump is too noisy.
A:It must use a pump of more than 5W. The problem with the large sound of the air pump is that the depth of the water in the aquarium is related. The water in the fish tank is too shallow to suck with noises. So the depth of the water is not too shallow.

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