3S/4S/5S 1.2A Li-ion Lifepo4 LTO Battery Active Equalizer Balancer Board

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Type 3 strings / Type 4 strings / Type 5 strings /

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Technical Parameters
Working voltage:2.2V-4.5V, Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 Lithium battery universal
Working principle:the inductor converts the transfer charge carrier. When the battery error voltage is above 0.1V, the balance work is started until the error is stopped at 30mv. The built-in improved ultra-low internal resistance MOS, the balance current is 0-1.2A, and the battery voltage difference is smaller. The smaller the current, the static power consumption does not exceed 20uA! With balance instructions!
Balanced voltage accuracy:within 30mv!
Wiring line length:40cm pure copper 22awg terminal wire!
Balance indication
1. When the balance indicator is on, the balance work is turned on.
2. The balance indicator goes out, the balance circuit sleeps,
3. The balance indicator flashes, it drop cells, or the circuit is faulty.
3S version can use for 1S ~3S
4S version can use for 1S ~4S
5S version can use for 1S ~5S
Package Included
1 x 3S/4S/5S Equalizer Balancer Board

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