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Rydel Seiffer Tuning fork C64 C128 Neurology Medical Diagnostic Surgical Set

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Name:Rydel Seiffer Tuning Fork (Neurologie Vibrationsgabel)
Length:approx. 26 cm (10.2in)
Weight:approx. 108g
Material:Aluminium Alloy
Applicable For
Toxic nerve damage (ETOH, lead, heavy metals)
Immune-mediated neuropathies (AIDP / Gullian Barre, CIDP)
B12 deficiency / subacute combined degeneration
Tabes Dorsalis
(Please note that the diagnosis of neuropathy or the other conditions listed above is only made through the consultation of a qualified specialist.)
Adjustment and Installation
This tuning fork produces 2 different vibrations
Vibration C64 Hz with dampers (as marked on steamers)
Vibration C128 Hz without the dampers
The two dampers must be flush with the lower edge of the value markings of the two forks.
The imprint inchC64inch on the dampers and the imprint inchC128inch on the tuning fork must all point to the user when the dampers are mounted.
How to use
1. Ask the patient to close their eyes
2. The patient’s foot is placed on a flat surface or placed flat on a chair, striking the tuning fork
3. Place the tuning fork end on the joint of the patient’s big toe nail and place our finger under the patient’s big toe while feeling the vibration.
4. Ask the patient to tell when the vibration is not felt and read the scale on the tuning fork.
5. If the scale is ≥ 5, the patient’s vibration is normal.
6. If the scale is
Package Included
1 x Rydel Seiffer Tuning Fork

Weight0.118 kg


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