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RIDEN HD25/HD35 USB Electronic Load Digital Display Voltage Current Meter Battery Aging Detector

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Type2 HD35 / Type2 HD25 /

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Technical Parameters
Optional type:HD25:HD35
Rated operating voltage:DC4-25.0V
Maximum discharge power:25W:35W
Rated operating current:0.25-4.00A (0.05A starts when the fan is not started):0.25-5.00A (0.05A starts when the fan is not started)
Maximum fan speed:Oil bearing fan 5800±10%RPM:Hydraulic bearing fan 8000±10%RPM
Fast charge trigger mode:QC2.0 5V, 9V, 12V, 20V, QC3.0, FCP, AFC9V
Constant current accuracy:±(1%+3 words)
Heat dissipation method:Intelligent temperature control fan + all aluminum heat sink
Working temperature-10→-40→
Adjustment potentiometer:Precision multi-turn adjustable potentiometer
Display type:4-digit LED digital tube
Extension portsMicro USB interface, Type-C interface
Product weightabout 52g
Product size84 x 41 x 28mm
Application advice:Factory batch aging must use HD35
Load function
A. Protection function
OVP overvoltage protection (25V-30V overvoltage protection, permanent damage after 30V; after overvoltage protection, digital tube displays OVP)
OTP over temperature protection (If load temperature is greater than 80 °C, the output will automatically cut off, and the digital tube displays OTP)
OPP over power protection (If power is greater than 35W, the output is automatically cut off, and the digital tube displays OPP)
B. Set the load to resume normal operation manually or automatically after the protection condition is released.
C. View load voltage value, current value, power value
D. Intelligent temperature control fan, when the power is greater than 10W or the load temperature is greater than 40 °C, the fan starts automatically.
E. Precision adjustable potentiometer, which can accurately adjust the current to 0.01A, and will not damage the power supply due to excessive current error caused by hand error.
F. Freely set the load on state, the default is on or off.
Trigger/cheat function
1. Trigger function
The charger can be used for QC2.0, QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC 9V, and multiple fast charging modes for deception triggering.
2. Fast charge support detection function
Use the AUTO mode to detect the charger’s support for fast charge mode.
3. Power-on automatic trigger function
Power-on automatically triggers fast charging and automatically turns on the load, which is suitable for batch testing of aging chargers.
Q:My charger has the largest nominal support QC2.0 12V2A How do I test if the charger supports it
A:Insert the load, long press the trigger button, after the red light of QC2.0 is on, short press “OK Inch button, the red light flashes, then press twice again to change to QC2.0 12V mode. Press and hold the trigger button to enter the load mode, press SET to check if the current voltage is around 12V. Turn on the load and slowly adjust the current to 2A. Check if the voltage drops significantly (>0.5V), then let the load work for a while and measure the heating of the charging head. If the load is restarted or the voltage drops and the charging head is heated rapidly, it means that the charging head cannot be loaded enough and must be derated.
Q:Is my PD2.0 supported
A:The load can age the PD charger, but it cannot be PD spoofed. The dual-head Type-C line connects the PD charger to the load, and the PD charger defaults to 5V. If the PD charger supports QC2.0 at the same time, high voltage aging can be achieved by tricking QC2.0.
Q:How do I want to release the fast charge fast charge
A:In the trigger mode, short press the trigger button to switch the mode to release; in the load mode, long press the trigger button to enter the trigger mode will be automatically released.
Application scenario
Auxiliary measurement Micro USB charging cable good or bad test auxiliary measurement Type-C
The test of the charging line is good or bad.
Charger factory batch aging test use
Package includes
1 x Battery Aging Detector

Weight0.052 kg


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