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433MHz Mini Cloning Remote Control 4 Keys Electric Copy Controller Wireless Transmitter Switch for Car Door Lock

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Technical Parameters
1 Working voltage:DC3V
2 working current:240mA
3 Working frequency:433MHZ
4 Transmit power:+13dbm
5 remote control distance:150M
6 Modulation method:ASK
7 code way:smart copy type
8 Working environment:-45 to 75 °C
The newly developed Smart Copy Remote Control is a new self-learning copy remote control that can easily copy another remote control of the encoding method to the remote control, thus having all the functions of the original remote control.
1. High copy accuracy and high copy efficiency.
2. The error between the copy data code and the copy oscillating resistor is small, and the copy is not lost.
3. Copy the oscillation resistor range from 1.2M to 6.2M wide.
4. The circuit design is stable, the button is no longer used as the power supply wire, and the high current triode is controlled separately to improve the power supply dynamics.
5. One-click smart copy to improve work efficiency.
6. Multi-functional and multi-variable, personalized and user-friendly design is simple and fast to use.
7. Adopt imported high frequency triode, the transmission power is 13dbm. Less dead ends.
8. Can copy commonly used chips:PT2264, PT2262, PT2260, PT2240, SC2262, SC2260, EV1527, SCT527, HS1527, HS2240, SCL1527, FP1527, etc., the general suffix can be the same.
9. This smart copy remote control is suitable for customers with electric door remote control, telescopic door remote control, garage door remote control, motor control remote control, curtain control remote control, car and motorcycle remote control.
Method of operation
1. Data clearing
At the same time, when the unlocking and closing buttons are pressed, the LED indicator flashes 3 times and then one of the buttons is released. The other button remains pressed and held. The released button is pressed continuously for 5 seconds, and then the remote control is released. Press the button on the remote control, only the light is off, indicating that all the keys are stored to save data. If you have not completed this operation, you can repeat the above operation to clear the function.
2. Copy
After the clear function is completed, the one-to-one button can be learned, the copy remote controller is placed together with the copied remote controller, and the copy and copy object buttons are pressed at the same time. At this time, the copy remote control LED indicator starts to blink and then releases the hand, indicating a For a successful copy of a button, copying other buttons in turn can repeat the above operations. Copy the remote control and the copied remote control as close as possible, which can reduce the copy data bit and the oscillation resistance error and improve the copy accuracy. After the copy is successful, press the button again and the LED indicator will be on constantly, and the remote control copy code will be sent.
3. Data recovery
At the same time, press the 2 buttons below the remote control. The LED indicator will be on for 1 second and then flash to release the data. The data saved for the last time can be restored.
1. Copying the remote control and the remote control can not be far apart. A long distance between them will result in incomplete data copying and a large error in the copying oscillation resistance. The copy remote control should be copied as close as possible to the copied remote control. Although this copy remote control achieves high field strength reception, this is to infinitely reduce the copy data error and the oscillation resistance error. Improve copy accuracy.
2. Do not place the remote control with a copy of the metal surface, which will reduce the copy distance and copy parameter accuracy.
3. Try not to do so when the battery is low. Will affect the copy accuracy to some extent.
4. Try not to hold it in your hand when copying. It should be placed close to the table to operate.
5. Do not open the remote control at will. Do not store or use the remote control in a high temperature, high pressure or high humidity environment.
6. When replacing the battery, properly install the battery polarity.
Package Included
1 x 4 Keys Mini Cloning Remote Control

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