Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Car Current Meter Dual Display 100V 10A DC Gauge Amperemeter Red+Yellow LED Tester Voltage Monitor

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Technical Parameters
Display color:Red+Yellow
Display mode:Dual 0.28 LED digital tube
Update rate:About 500 ms/time
Physical size:48 x 29 x 26 mm (L*W* H)
Opening size:45 x 26 mm (L*W)
Supply voltage:3.5-30V
Lead wire length:14 cm(Five wires)
Measurement range:DC 0.00-9.99A(current) 0.0-100V(voltage)
Operation temperature:-10 degrees~65 degrees
Measurement accuracy:voltage ± (0.5% + 1digit) current ± (1% + 2digits)
If you take long time to measure the current more than 6A, please weld the lead directly on the electrical outlet in case the instability of the circuit caused by the temperature of contact impedance!
Instruction of wiring
Red thin wire (VCC):Power input+ 3.5-30V (NOTE:If the measuring signal is lower than 30V and have abundant power supply, it can be used as power supply for the module [black wire and yellow wire are contacted together to use])
Black thin wire(GND):Power input- Measurement signal – 3.5-30V
Yellow thin wire (VIN):Measurement signal+ (0-100V)
Red thick wire (I+):Current input+ (connect with the load negative)
Black thin wire(I-):Current input- (in series in power supply negative)
Voltage current meter with isolated power supply
Error phenomenon one:Because of the some eclectic parts ageing and influenced by the temperature, sometimes when measuring the small current, the error of some meter become big or sometimes some meter dont show zero without load.
Solution:When the meter is off the power, please short circuit A and B (connect A and B). Then make the meter have the electricity, the meter will automatically calibrated to zero. When the automatic calibration is over, please disconnect A and B. After this, that is ok.
Package included
1 x Digital Voltmeter
2 x cable

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