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RIDEN UM24/UM24C USB 2.0 Color LCD Display Tester Voltage Current Meter Voltmeter Amperimetro Battery Charge Measure Cable Resistance

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Type A / Type B /

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Technical Parameter
Product Model:UM24/UM24C Product weight:23.47g(UM24C) 18.83g(UM24)
Voltage measurement range:4.50-24.00V Voltage measurement resolution:0.01V
Current measurement range:0.000-3.000A Current measurement resolution:0.001A
Capacity accumulation rannge:0-99999mAh Voltage measurement accuracy:÷(0.2%+1 digit)
Energy sccumulation range:0-99999mWh Current measurement accuracy:÷(0.8%+3 digit)
Load impedance range:1.5-9999.9┯ Time measurement range:0-99h59min59s
Temperature range:-10→~100→/0~200 Temperature measurement error:÷3→/÷6
Screen brightness setting:0-5 level Auto screen off time:1-9mins
Voltage graphing range:04.5-24.0V Current graphing range:0.00A-3.00A
Display screen:1.44 Inch color LCD display Quick charge recognition mode:QC2.0 QC3.0
Refresh rate:2Hz Product size:71.2mmx31.8mmx12.4mm(UM24C) 71.2mmx31.8mmx11.3mm(UM24)
1. UM24 is no communication version(Type A), UM24C is conmmunication version by bluetooth connection(Type B).
2. PC software support PC window (Win 7 and above) and Phone Android (Android 5.0 and above, support 3 kinds language, chinese, english and Russia)
3, User manual, PC software installation instruction and PC software and Android APP download link:
4, For Android APP
A:It only support android 5.0 and above.
B:allow APP can do in the background, not cleaned.
C:allow APP self-starting.
D:Allow stay after screen locked, not cleaned
Product Model:UM24(C):UM34(C):UM25(C)
USB port:USB2.0:USB3.0
Expansion port:MICRO USB:MICRO USB
Voltage measurement range:4.5-24.00V:4-24.000V:4-24.00V
Voltage measurement resolution:0.01V:0.001V:0.01V
Voltage measurement accuracy:÷(0.2%+1digit):÷(0.5〓+2digits):÷(0.2%+1digit)
Current measurement range:0-3.000A:0-5.0000A:0-4.000A
Current measurement resolution:0.001A:0.0001A:0.001A
Current measurement accuracy:÷(0.8%+3digits:÷(1〓 +4digits):÷(0.8%+3digits)
Capacity accumulation range:0-99999mAh
Energy accumulation range:0-99999mWh
Load impedance range:1.5┯-9999.9┯:0.8┯-9999.9┯
Temperature range:-10→~100→/0~200
Temperature measurement error:÷ 3→/ ÷ 6
Screen brightness setting:Levels 0-5
Delay off the screen time:0-9minutes
Supported fast charge protocol:QC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, AFC, PD2.0:QC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, AFC, PD2.0
Huawei SCP
Huawei40W quick charge
SuperVOOC flash charge
OnePlus DASH quick chargeQC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, AFC, PD2.0
OPPO VOOC flash charge
OnePlus DASH quick charge
Identifiable fast charge protocol:QC2.0, QC3.0:QC2.0/QC3.0
Android DCP
Special function:NO:One button to close screen, voltage current 2in1 graph.
free to set them color, Bluetooth switch, Previous page
Interface difference:NO Previous page:UM25 can check Previous page and has Icon with rotation direction,help prompt, and screen off at the top of the interface
Hardware difference:No Bluetooth switch:Bluetooth switch
Pressing any button whilst powering on the module will display several options:1. Selects the Chinese Interface
2. Selects the English interface.
3. Zero the Current reading1. Selects the Chinese Interface
2. Selects the English interface.
3.reset the system setting1. Selects the Chinese Interface
2. Selects the English interface.
3. Reset the system setting
4. Zero the Current reading
APP:Support IOS8.0 or above / Android5.0 or above(UM24C doesn’t support IOS APP)
PC Software:Support WIN7 or above:NO
Package included
1 x USB 2.0 Color LCD Display Tester

Weight0.052 kg


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