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RD6012 RD6012W Full Kit USB WiFi DC-DC Voltage Current Step Down Power Supply Module Buck Voltage Converter Voltmeter 60V 12A

SKU: GP-1696902


Type RD6012 / Type RD6012-W /

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Technical Parameter
Input voltage range:6-70.00V
Output voltage range:0-60.00V
Output current range:0-6.000A:0-12.00A
Output power range:0-360W:0-720W
Input voltage measurement resolution:0.01V
Output voltage setting measurement resolution:0.01V
Output current setting measurement resolution:0.001A:0.01A
Battery voltage measurement resolution:0.01V
Input voltage measurement accuracy:÷(1%+5 digits)
Output voltage accuracy between setting and measurement:÷(0.3%+3 digits)
Output current accuracy between setting and measurement:÷(0.5%+5 digits)
Battery voltage measurement accuracy:÷(0.5%+3 digits)
Automatic cut off current value when charging:10mA:100mA
Output ripple typical:100mV VPP:250mV VPP@6A
Working temperature range:-10→~40→
External sensor Temperature detection range:-10→~100→/0~200
External sensor Temperature detection accuracy:÷3→/÷6
Constant voltage mode response time:2ms(0.1A-5A Load):2ms(0.1A-5A Load)
Constant voltage mode loadregulation:÷(0.1%+2 digits)
Constant current mode loadregulation:÷(0.1%+3 digits)
Capacity measurement range:0-9999.99Ah
Energy measurement range:0-9999.99Wh
Capacity and energy statistical error:÷2%
Buck working mode:Voltage drop >1V and >10%
Cooling fan start condition:Output voltage >40V
or Output current >4A
or System temperature >45→Output current>8A
or System temperature>45→
Cooling fan shut down condition when working:Output voltage
and Output current
and System temperatureOutput current
and System temperature
Over temperature protection:System temperature >80→
Screen brightness setting:0-5(6 level in total)
Screen:2.4 inch color HD display
Weight(with package):About 607g:About 642g
Product dimension:167*81*65mm
Support USB communication:YES
Support WiFi communication:No:yes:No:yes
Package includes
1 x Power module
Note before buying
1. RD6012 series has two versions:RD6012 and RD6012-W, RD6012-W have WIFI board, RD6012 doesn’t have. RD6012-W can use the WIFI board to connect APP, also use USB micro cable to connect PC software. RD6012 doesn’t have a WIFI board, it only supports PC software by connecting with USB micro cable, no support APP. For wifi board to connect PC software, now it did not support.
Note:WiFi connection is a test function, due to poor compatibility of some computers, if you cannot connect PC software via WiFi, please ignore this function. For this function, we do not provide any guarantee and technical support, and we will decide whether to keep this function based on customer feedback.
2. For PC software, it only supports win 7 and above for now. For APP, it only supports Android 5.0 and above. For APP and PC software, because there may be incompatibilities problems, please download first before buying, if you can download and install, you can make the order, or else stop buying. If you don’t test the PC software and APP function before buying and find that the products work fine except the PC software or APP, we refuse to refund.
3. For the S12A case, assemble instruction in English:
All RD6012/RD6021W instruction and case installation instruction download Link
1. RD6012(W) operation instructon, PC software instruction , APP instruction ,APP and PC software download link
A:Main download llink:
C:Back up download link:
2. Android APP:download at file link, Support android 5.0 -android 10.0
IOS APP download:Search RdPower to download, support IOS10.0-IOS13.4 System
3. RD6012/RD6012W Operation instruction video(similar to RD6006):

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