Aerodynamic Speedboat Assembly Model Science Technology Wind Energy Experiment Physical

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Length 250mm Width:110mm Height:100mm
Power:130 motor
Color:red, yellow, blue Random delivery!
Experimental equipment:wheels, switches, wires, DC motors, battery boxes, EPS bodies, diagonal pliers.
Switch:A device that turns the power on and off
EPS body:the overall structure of the wind number
Applicable to:Children over 6 years old (parental guidance)
Students in the third grade or above can try independent production.
1. Assembled models propelled by aerodynamics can help students recognize air propellers.
2. The wind-powered aerodynamic speedboat is ideal for both surface and land, and its steering is controlled by an adjustable front wheel (rudder).
3. When you test, you only need to adjust the angle of the front wheel (rudder) to change its navigational trajectory in the water and land. The left yaw will adjust the angle of the front wheel (rudder) to the right, and vice versa to the right.
4. When adjusting, the angle must be controlled as small as possible to avoid overshooting. After repeated adjustments, the model can reach the state of straight sailing.
5. Let us act together and accept the double test of “Winning the Wind Inch to make ourselves a master of amphibious control!
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1*Aerodynamic Speedboat Assembly Model

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