TKS-M8 4-40V DC Motor Speed forward and Reverse Controller with Shell 20A Relay P0 Optocoupler Isolation Anti-jamming

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Working voltage:4-40V DC
Module power consumption:0.6W (static 0.1W)
Signal input:active low. The input is the negative of the optocoupler. A signal is considered to be present when the voltage is below 2V.
Response speed:K1 K2 is 20mS, SW1 SW2 is 50mS.
Output current 20A
PCB size:83*46*20mm
Shell size:87*54*59mm
User Manual
K1:Forward signal
K2:Reverse signal
SW1:Forward limit
SW2:Reverse limit
1. Press K1 and the motor will start to rotate immediately until SW1 closes.
2. Press K2 and the motor immediately starts to reverse until SW2 closes and stops.
3. When K2 is pressed during forward rotation, it will switch to reverse immediately. When K1 is pressed during reverse rotation, it will switch to forward rotation immediately.
1. What mode is P0
P0 is self-locking mode. For example, if the external forward switch (K1) is pressed, the motor will immediately rotate forward. At this time, the instant switch will be released and the motor will continue to rotate forward. It will not stop until the reverse signal (K2) or the forward stop signal (SW1) is encountered.
2. What are the requirements for the signal, can I connect the sensor
The signal is active low and can be a three-wire sensor (NPN-NO type). K1 K2 SW1 SW2 is still the specification.
3. What is the input and output voltage
The input voltage range of the TKS-M8 is 4V~40V, but to ensure reliable operation, it is recommended to use it within the range of 6V-36V. This module is wide voltage. The output motor is the same as the input voltage.
4. What is the limit signal
The limit signal can also be referred to as a stop signal. The limit signal is triggered and level enabled. For example, if a short limit signal is encountered during forward rotation, it will stop, even if the limit signal disappears, it will stop. You must re-transmit the signal once again to get forward again.
5. Can drive a large motor
The maximum current of the TKS-M8 at 12V is 20A, and the maximum current is 10A when the voltage is 24V. The maximum drive motor power is generally not more than 80W. It is recommended that the motor’s stall motor be the standard.
7. Can I achieve automatic forward and reverse
The TKS-M8 does not have a timing function, so strictly speaking, it cannot automatically reciprocate. However, with the start switch, the start switch (A), and the end switch (B), it is possible to achieve infinite reciprocating operation between the two points A and B. Connection method:The start switch and the start switch are connected to K1, the end switch is connected to K2, and SW1 SW2 is not connected. Note that all switches are normally open.
Package Included
1 x TKS-M8 P0 4-40V DC Motor Forward and Reverse Controller with Shell

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