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XH-W1411 12V 10A Smart Electronics LED Digital thermometer Temperature Controller Switch Module

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Temperature range:-55- + 120→
Temperature measurement accuracy:± 0.3→
Temperature range:-19 ~ 99→
Control accuracy:1→
Temperature probe:NTC10K / B3950 comes standard with 1 meter waterproof probe
Supply voltage:12V
Temperature:-25 ~ 55→ Humidity 20% -85% (non-condensing)
Output Type:10A relay outputs
Size:90*60mm/3.54 Inch*2.36 Inch
Hole size:70*50mm/2.76 Inch*1.96 Inch
– The board and plastic panels fixed column compartment and lock nut
– Connect the power supply according to the drawings and load control line
– By drawing on the chassis opening 70 * 50mm, then tighten the screws after the thermostat embedded Paste Mask
– After power if the temperature in the interval starts immediately output to stop off value
– Start temperature For example, want to control the production of hot water, heated to 60 degrees stop, stop again begin heating to 45 degrees, then the start value should be 45 degrees, 60 degrees is stopped
– Start temperature> stop temperature = cooling mode
– For example, want to control greenhouse cooling, ventilation fans start when higher than 35 degrees, down 32 degrees when you stop, you start value should be set to 35, stop value is set to 32
– SET Function keys / Off button
1. In the boot state press SET 3s can shutdown, shutdown if the power remains off
2. Press SET to power in the off state, after boot if the power remains switched on
3.Short press SET to switch module temperature intermittent operation → → → reservation Power Off Timer (F1-F3 function independently, with the temperature does not matter, do not need to be able to do)
4. Left F-1 intermittent operation mode in minutes start minute, the right to stop minute
5. F-2 hour timer switch to the left, to the right minutes, maximum 99 hours 59 minutes
6. F-3 power appointment hours left, the right minutes, maximum 99 hours 59 minutes
7. Temperature correction:Unplug thermostat hold the SET power plug into the temperature correction function, the screen display –000– can subtract the temperature at temperature before correction on the basis of the maximum range -9.9 to 99,
8.After the calibration is complete:real-time temperature = temperature before correction + correction
9. Press and hold the (Start + -) power-on self-test function into
10.Press and hold (Stop + -) power to restore the factory settings
1. If errors or confusing settings, press and hold the power button to stop two restore factory settings
2. 88-888-88 display, buzzer flute sound, complete recovery
Package Included
1 x XH-W1411 Smart Electronics LED Digital Thermometer

Weight 0.053 kg


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