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W1411 12V 24V 220V 10A LED Digital Temperature Controller thermostat Control Switch Sensor

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Voltage 220V / Voltage 24V / Voltage 12V /

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This product uses single-chip control system + high-precision temperature probe, temperature control performance and temperature control accuracy is superior to similar products. This product three windows design, start value and stop value real-time display, and with intermittent work, timer switch machine and other functions, in the greenhouse cultivation, aquatic animal husbandry, room temperature control can be widely used, it is a good helper at home!
Temperature range:-55 ~ +120℃
Temperature measurement accuracy:± 0.3℃
Temperature range:-19 ~ 99℃
Control accuracy:1℃
Temperature probe:1 meter waterproof probe
Supply voltage:220V
Applicable environment:-25 ~ 55℃ Humidity 20% -85% (no condensation)
Output type:10A Relay output
1. The product of the plug plug in the home socket on the screen shows the temperature that the power has been properly connected.
2. The temperature control probe into the need to control the temperature of the place, according to the need to set the start and stop temperature.
3. The heating or cooling equipment power plug plug in the thermostat socket can be achieved on the temperature control.
Operating Instructions
If the temperature is in the interval after power-up, the output will be activated immediately and the set value will be stopped.
Start temperature
For example, want to control the hot water to 60℃ to stop, to 45℃ and then start, then the start value should be 45, stop the value of 60
Start temperature> Stop temperature:Cooling mode
For example, when the summer wants to control the greenhouse above 35 degrees to start the ventilation fan, when to stop at 32 degrees, then the start should be set to 35, stop setting to 32
SET:function key / switch key
In the boot state, press and hold SET 3 seconds to shut down, if the power off after the shutdown is still kept off
In the shutdown state, press SET once to boot, boot if the power is still turned on
Press the SET once to switch between F-1 and F-3 in the normal temperature control state
F-1 Intermittent Operating Mode Unit Minute Left Start Minute Right Stop Minute
F-2 timer off the left hour the right minute minutes up to 99 hours 59 minutes
F-3 regular boot left hour right minute minutes up to 99 hours 59 minutes
Temperature correction:unplug the thermostat plug and hold the SET power on, enter the temperature correction function, the screen display –000 – can be corrected before the temperature on the basis of addition and subtraction temperature, the maximum range of -9.9 ~ +99, calibration completed Rear
Real-time temperature = pre-correction temperature value + correction value
Press and hold (start + -) to enter the self test function
Press and hold (stop + -) to turn on the factory settings
Restore the factory
If you set the error or set the confusion can hold down the stop 2 keys to start the factory settings.
Screen display 88-888-88, buzzer flute soon, recovery is complete.
Default start 25, stop 40 F-1 01-10 F-2 00-30 F-3 00-30 Correction = 000
1. power does not respond, the screen does not shine
Check whether the outlet is electrically, you can use the same plug of other electrical appliances to check, if there is electric check the thermostat is turned off, you can press a SET boot
2. the screen can be displayed, but can not reach the temperature control function
If the temperature is set to the right, but the start does not start, the stop does not stop it is possible to start and stop the set value error, please drop the setpoint and stop value
3. the temperature changes beyond the control range
The controller for the bit control, that is, when the red light is on, stop when the green light, if the control process changes the light is right, but the temperature overshoot indicates that the thermostat is good, you can reduce your Heating / cooling power can be resolved
4. temperature with the actual deviation
If you feel that the current temperature is 30 degrees and the thermostat shows 29.6, you can enter the temperature correction, hold down the SET start temperature to the school can be adjusted to 0.4, if the real-time temperature of 31.2, you Think it is 30 can be reduced correction value adjusted to -1.2 so you can get the temperature you want
The use of Note
This product must be read carefully for the first time
1. this product is three plugs must be with the ground socket
2. the thermostat host is not waterproof, pay attention to avoid water, is strictly prohibited into the bathroom or outdoor use
3. the use of power is strictly prohibited than the product calibration power or cause permanent damage and danger
4. the actual temperature control should pay attention to observe whether the correct implementation of temperature control can leave
Package included
1 x XH-W1411 Temperature Controller Thermostat Control Switch

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