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Excellway Ham Radio Receiver 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band UV RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver

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FM radio:87MHz-108MHz, select WFM.
Medium wave broadcast:526.5kHz~1606.5kHz, AM.
Short wave broadcasting:3MHz~30MHz, AM.
Airport tower frequency:118MHz-135.975MHz, AM
Civil interphone frequency:VHF:136MHz-174MHz is NFM
UHF:400MHz-470MHz is NFM
Amateur radio communication:short wave SSB:10MHz below commonly used single sideband LSB; 10MHz above, often on the single side with USB.
Ultrashort wave radio:generally use NFM system, the frequency is 50-54MHz, 144-148MHz, 430-440MHz
– Dear customers, here is a link for you to download the instruction and its software drive:CLICK HERE TO GET
Hope it helpes:) Thank you.
– It can not support Win 10.
– It has no HF function.
If you did not download the software from the link, please come to our online chat and ask for the software, we will send you the software asap. Thank you:)
-Listening to unencrypted Police/Ambulance/Fire/EMS/aircraft traffic control conversations.
-Tracking aircraft positions like a radar with ADS-B decoding.
-Scanning trunking radio conversations, cordless phones and baby monitors.
-Decoding unencrypted digital voice transmissions.
-Tracking maritime boat positions .
-Decoding POCSAG/FLEX pager traffic.
-Tracking and receiving meteorological agency launched weather balloon data.
-Receiving wireless temperature sensors and wireless power meter sensors.
-Listening to VHF amateur radio.
-Watching analogue broadcast TV.
-Sniffing GSM signals.
-Using rtl-sdr on your Android device as a portable radio scanner.
-Receiving GPS signals and decoding them.
-Using rtl-sdr as a spectrum analyzer.
-Receiving NOAA weather satellite images.
-Listening to satellites and the ISS, unencrypted military communications.
-Radio astronomy.
-Monitoring meteor scatter.
-Listening to FM radio, and decoding RDS information.
-Use rtl-sdr as a panadapter for your traditional hardware radio.
-Decoding taxi mobile data terminal signals.
-Use rtl-sdr as a true random number generator.
-Listening to amateur radio hams on SSB with LSB/USB modulation.
-Decoding digital amateur radio ham communications such as CW/PSK/RTTY/SSTV.
-Receiving digital radio monodiale shortwave radio (DRM).
-Looking for RADAR signals like over the horizon (OTH) radar, and HAARP signals
Package Includes
1 x Ham Radio Receiver
1 x USB cable
1 x Antenna

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