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ZHIYU DC 12V 2 Way 3 Wire Fan Smart Temperature Controller with Temperature Speed Digital Display

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Power supply:DC 12V; the maximum range 11-14V; too low voltage displaying Lu; too high voltage displaying Hu; protection closed output
Output current:single channel maximum continuous output current 1.2A; double channels being both used at the same time current cannot exceed 2.0A; not suggesting using the fan with current being lower than 0.15A
Work efficiency:90% (input 12V; output double way 8V 0.8A)
Reversely connected protection:short circuit reverse connection protection; power supply being connected reversely will burn out input copper foil
Over current protection:no over current protection; please note insulating installation; power up it after the wire is well connected to avoid output short circuit!! (only paid maintenance will be offered for overload and short circuit damage)
Thermal resistance parameters:NTC 10K B=3950
Measurement temperature error:1%-0.5→; after combining 1% probe, the maximum error 2%-1→
Board dimensions:92mm*54mm (width*height); location hole place:87mm*47mm diameter 3.4mm
It automatically take turns to display channel 1 temperature, rotation speed, and channel 2 temperature, rotation speed under normal operation; quickly switch the display by pressing the inch+inch inch-inch button.
Parameter Setting
Manual rotating speed setting (the minimum rotating speed under temperature control)
Press “OK Inch button to enter into rotating speed setting function; FAN1 2 indicator lights lighting up at the same time stands for current adjustment being fan 1’s output size and by pressing the “+ Inch&“- Inch button to adjust it with minimum 1 & maximum 100. After the setting, press “OK Inch button to enter into fan 2’s output size setting; after the setting, press “OK Inch button again to exit and save the parameters.
Temperature control and stop-rotating alarm settings
Under normal operating state, long-press “OK Inch button to enter into temperature control and stop-rotating alarm settings; indicator light on the right indicates corresponding setting channel; corresponding setting parameter display, meanings, and range (“** Inch stands for digit )
L** accelerating speed temperature setting, range 5-94→; lower than H** at least 5→, or adjust up H** by linkage.
H** full speed temperature setting; range 10-99→; higher than L** at least 5→, or adjust down L** by linkage.
F** fan being shut off temperature; minimum 1; maximum limitation is lower than L** 2→; when F00 is set, fan is not shut off.
bON / bOF:channel stop-rotating alarm on / off.
Adjust the setting value by pressing “+ Inch&“- Inch button; press “OK Inch button to switch setting parameters; set the channel 1 according to the above sequence first, channel 2 second; press “OK Inch button at last to exit and save parameters.
Supplementary Instructions:when channel temperature reaches L** after fan being shut off function is started, fan is started at minimum speed; it will accelerate with temperature increasing; when channel temperature is lower than F**, fan is shut off. Corresponding channel stop-rotating alarm will automatically block shut-off status’s rotating speed check.
Shutting off channel 2 display
One channel is needed for some application and now channel 2 can be shut off; the setting method:keep pressing “OK Inch button to make it be powered up with controller not being powered up; controller entering into channel 2 displays setting status; modify the setting by pressing “+ Inch&“- Inch button; 2ON / 2OF stands for channel 2 display / no display; after the setting, press “OK Inch button to save it, exit and enter into operating status.
Note:after channel 2 display being shut off, it will not display channel 2’s rotating speed and temperature only on LED display; it will not affect channel 2’s function.
Package included
1 x Fan temperature controller
2 x Temperature probe
1 x Buzzer

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