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110V/220V 5g Silica Tube Ozone Generator Module Ozone Output Adjustable Open Power Pack with Accessory

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Voltage 110V / Voltage 220V /

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Input Voltage:AC110V/AC220V
Ozone tube dimension/ Weight:135x52x53mm / 0.3kg
Power Pack dimension/Weight:152x72x68mm0.6kg
Power consumption:3-40W
Cooling Style:air cooling
Accessory:silicone tube 2 meter (6*8mm, since the ozone generator gas nozzle is 7mm), air stone 2 pcs (1 round and 1cylinder), air pump 5L/min 1pc.
Ozone yield changes with the input gas flow
1. Sterilization:destroy variety of bacteria & viruse efficiently without secondary pollution.
2. Detoxification:effectively remove the residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
3. Deodorization:eliminate mould, smoke etc.
4. Oxygen increasing:improve the oxygen level for air and water.
5. Health:air purification, expedite human metabolis
Fish Farm, School, home, hospital, office, hotels, shopping malls, public places, central air conditioning pipeline disinfection, pharmaceutical factory, packaging, food processing plants, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, conference rooms, locker rooms,livestock and poultry breeding,edible fungus cultivation,indoor plants grow,indoor vegetable…
a.Keeping distances
(1) When install it inside a box, the high voltage cable should be more than 5cm away from surface of the metal box.
(2) ozone tube should be more than 5cm away from high voltage.
(3) The two high voltage cables shouldn’t be merged together, keeping more than 2cm away from each other.
(4) Other non-high voltage cables should be more than 2cm away from the high voltage cable. Other meter instruments should be 10 cm away from high voltage.
b. Ventilations
The box should have two ventilation openings. One opening is next to fan, the other opening is to outlet hot air.
c. Gas nozzles
For two gas nozzles on the tube, you can take either one as inlet or outlet, no difference. you can use oxygen as gas source, also you can use ambient dry air as the gas source. Also you can add a dry filter device, it can extend ozone tube life span and increase ozone concentration.
The high voltage cable is bidirectional, no polarity, one cable should be connected to connector lugs on heat dissipation fins, the other should be connected to inner ozone tube through the stainless steel nail.
– Quartz tube is made of 99.9% silica, with strong hardness, high thermal resistance, low coefficient of expansion, thermal shock resistance, good chemical stability and electrical insulation characteristics.
– The power pack has safe protection:Short circuit protection, open circuit protection, overheating protection, over voltage and over current protect.
– High efficiency:a narrow gap discharge 0.5MM, high ozone conversion rate, low noise.
– Low power consumption:high frequency corona discharge, the power consumption rate is 6 ~ 10KW.h/kgO3.
– No breakdown:The operating voltage of the tube is only 20% of its breakdown voltage, high dielectric constant.
– High Quality:dielectric material is highly purified Silica, sintered at high temperature, high-precision, discharge evenly, 316L stainless steel internal electrodes and close firmware, PTFE gas nozzle, corrosion-resistant high-purity fluorine rubber ring seal, using the latest sunflowers aluminum cooling technology to effectively dissipate heat, able to work for long hours, ozone decay ultralow is less than 5%, long life span up to twenty thousand hours.
1. After you confirm your order, we will email you the instruction manual. So Please Leave your email box for us.
2. When install this ozone generator, please read the manual carefully. especially the underlined parts, to make sure you install it correctly, and the device will have long life span.
3. When using this ozone generator, strictly forbid people working in the room with ozone in high concentration. The output high voltage is dangerous. you are strictly forbidden to touch it in any way when it is working.
Package Included
1 x 110V/220V 5g Silica Tube Ozone Generator Module

Weight0.1 kg


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