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GM328A Transistor Tester Capacitance ESR Meter LCR RLCPWMESR Meter MOS/PNP/NPN V2PO 1MHz-2MHz

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Size:75 x 7 2 x 20 mm(L x W x H)
Working current:9V voltage, stable working current of about 20mA.
1. Power supply using 9V stack battery.
2. The download interface is standard 6 wire program.
3. The 12864 dot matrix LCD screen, display more abundant in content, with pictures.
4. The impact of the accuracy of the relevant resistance using 1/1000 thin film resistors, and the rest are also used in the 1/100 film resistor.
Basic Function
1. Can automatically detect PNP, NPN bipolar transistor
2. Automatic identification of the components of the pin.
3. Capacitance can be measured
4. Can detect bipolar transistor and MOS tube’s protection diode.
5. Can be shown with a decimal value of two, resolution of 0.01 ohm.
6. Reverse breakdown voltage below 4.5V regulator can be identified.
7. Gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the MOS field effect transistor.
8. Can simultaneously measure two resistance and the resistance symbol display.
9. The resolution of resistance measurement is 0.1 ohm, which can be measured to 50M ohm.
10. 2uF above the capacitor can simultaneously measure the equivalent series resistance ESR value.
11. Two diodes can be displayed in the right order and the diode symbol, while the forward voltage of the diode is given.
12. Only a single measurement can be obtained the connection mode of the rectifier bridge.
Extended Functionality (via menu selection)
1. Can produce 1Hz-2MHz square wave signal.
2. Can produce a fixed frequency, but the pulse width of the pulse wave, a short press key width of 1% increments, a long press the button to increase the width of 10%.
3. Separate capacitor and ESR function can be started by menu.
Package Included
1 x GM328A Transistor Tester Capacitance ESR Meter

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