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Si5351-2VFO-150 Simple Signal Source Dual-channel Module

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Power supply voltage:DC 4.5V-5.5V
Note:This machine does not have a built-in voltage regulator unit, so be sure not to supply power over the voltage range
Power supply current:60mA
Output bandwidth:0.01mHz—150mHz
Scan output step:1khz, 10khz, 100khz, 1mhz 4 gears
Output impedance:50 ohm
Product size:75*75*27MM
Product weight:88 g
Output waveform:square wave (square wave is the simplest function wave, square wave is the simplest special case of ‘Fourier series’, only a simple low-pass filter or band pass can filter out the fundamental wave or multiple Frequency harmonics (sine wave). In addition to digital circuit applications, the output voltage of the commonly used phase-locked loop is compared with the frequency division frequency (square wave) of the VCO and the reference clock frequency (square wave) at the same frequency for phase XOR comparison The obtained feedback voltage. Square wave is the most commonly used waveform for practical engineering applications and test applications.)
Output VPP:2.6V
The operation is the same as that of my ADF4351-VFO source
The operating keyboard is composed of 15 ppt keys, 10 numeric keys 0-9, ‘++’ and ‘–‘ keys to adjust the frequency usage, and also generate emission output behavior, short press the ‘++’ or ‘–‘ key When stepping increases or minus 1khz when the original frequency is output, press and hold ‘++’ or ‘–‘ for more than 1 second, a continuous increase or continuous decrease sweep mode will appear. To end the scan, just press the ‘++’ ‘–‘ key or the ‘ok’ key. The ‘ok’ key is the output control key. Press it once to launch, and press it again to stop the launch. The launching behavior caused by ‘++’ or ‘–‘ needs to press ‘OK’ twice to end the launching behavior. When this product has output transmission behavior, ‘>>’ will appear in the upper right corner of the display, and the ‘C’ key will end the transmission and return the frequency to zero.
There is a channel selection cycle button at the bottom of the LCD screen, which cycles through selection in turn:the default ‘channel 1 output’, ‘channel 2 output’, and ‘two channels output at the same time’ by default.
The step ‘
‘ key is used for continuous addition and continuous subtraction scan mode for easy adjustment. Cycle selection of steps ‘1K’, ’10K’, ‘100K’, ‘1mhz’. The first line of LCD1602 power-on defaults to indicate ‘
‘ stepping. Press the ‘
‘ button and there will be 4 stepping states that can be selected cyclically.
Package included
1 x Signal Source Dual-channel Module

Weight0.093 kg


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