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700Pcs 35 Values Each 20Pcs 8pF-2.2uF DIP Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit

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Nominal Capacitance:8pF~2.2uF.
Capacitance Tolerance:NPO +/-5%; X7R +/-10%; Y5V +-20%.
Temperature Coefficient:-55 to+125
With Standing Voltage:2.5X WVDC.
Value:35 values
Quantity:700PCS(20pcs in each type, may have a little errors)
35 values (8pF~2.2uF) DIP Multilayer ceramic capacitors Assortment kit 700pcs
No.:Capacitance:Accuracy:Voltage:Pin pitch:Quantity
1:8RO 8PF:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
2:22PF 220:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
3:30PF 300:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
4:33PF 330:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
5:82PF 820:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
6:100PF 101:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
7:220PF 221:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
8:330PF 331:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
9:470PF 471:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
10:680PF 681:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
11:820PF 821:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
12:1nF 102:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
13:1.8nF 182:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
14:2.2nF 222:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
15:3.3nF 332:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
16:4.7nF 472:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
17:5.6nF 562:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
18:6.8nF 682:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
19:8.2nF 822:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
20:10nF 103:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
21:15nF 153:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
22:18nF 183:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
23:22nF 223:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
24:33nF 333:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
25:47nF 473:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
26:56nF 563:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
27:68nF 683:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
28:82nF 823:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
29:100nF 104:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
30:220nF 224:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
31:330nF 334:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
32:470nF 474:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
33:680nF 684:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
34:1uF 105:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
35:2.2uF 225:±5%:50V:5.08mm:20pcs
Durable and easy to install
Very convenient and practical
Very popular among the electronic lovers
Package included
700 x Ceramic Capacitors

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