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HFS-DC06 5.8GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Module DC 5V ISM Waveband Sensing 12M

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Model:HFS – DC06
Frequency:5.8 G
Band:ISM band
Appearance size:39 x 22 x 11mm
Input voltage:DC12V
Minimum input current:30mA
Output mode:5V level signal (high level output when triggered)
Connection mode:VCC power supply anode, GND power supply negative pole
GND and OUT receive level signal output
Installation height:2-6M
Induction distance:12 meters ahead
Induction Angle:the front conical 360 degrees
Induction time:for the convenience of testing, the induction delay time is set for 2S
5.8G frequency, normal installation and use without mutual interference, high stability, anti-interference ability, small size, suitable for a variety of products that require DC microwave module
1. The supply current should be greater than 30mA to drive the module, the voltage should be stable and can not have large fluctuations, otherwise it will trigger a continuous trigger (load lamp may continuous self-trigger or not extinguished)
2. The product should not be installed next to a large area of the metal body, can not be placed in a fully enclosed metal shell, which will affect the performance of this product or can not be used normally
Package includes
1 x Microwave Radar Sensor Module

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