XH-A374 50Wx4 4 Channel TDA7850 bluetooth 4.0 Channel HIFI Auido Power Amplifier Class-AB 4 Channels Amplifier Board for Home Car Audio

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Power amplifier chip:TDA7850
Chip type:Class AB (A and B)
Working voltage:DC 12-14.4V
Standby current
Number of channels:4 channels (Stereo * 2 + stereo * 2)
Output power:50W*2+50W*2(4ohm)
Signal to noise ratio:88%
Size:126 x 95 x 29 mm
Installation hole distance:118×87 mm
1. Bluetooth connection problem
Answer:The Bluetooth indicator flashes regularly when it is working normally. If it is on or off, it may be a problem with the Bluetooth module. You can contact customer service to handle it.
2. The mobile phone can be connected but the laptop or desktop cannot be connected
Answer:If the mobile phone can connect and play music, it means there is no problem with the Bluetooth amplifier board. It may be a problem with the Bluetooth driver of the computer. The version is too old or there are files missing. It is recommended to uninstall and then install the latest version of the driver.
3. When the volume is turned up, the sound appears to be stuck, intermittently, and can be played for a long time after the volume is turned down
Answer:Reason one:Because the power of the power supply is too small, the total output power of this power amplifier board is 200W. The recommended voltage for power supply selection is 12V and the current is above 18A.
Reason 2:If the power supply is okay, it may be that the power of the speaker is too small, such as outputting 200W, but connecting a 5W speaker. When the volume is turned up, there will be a stuck phenomenon, and the speaker may be burned.
4. There is too much noise when playing music, or there is noise when not playing music
Answer:The function of the power amplifier board is signal amplification. The main source of noise is the radio clutter in the environment that is amplified by the power amplifier board. Therefore, as long as the power amplifier board will have noise, it is recommended to select the audio cable with shielding function as much as possible It may be that the sound source is noisy, and normal mobile phones and MP3s will not. Most of them are on some old pre-boards, which are not compatible with our power amplifier board. You can add audio isolators or couple capacitors to test. See if you can Cannot be removed.
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1 x XH-A374 50Wx4 4 Channel bluetooth HIFI Auido Power Amplifier

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