4000W 85A ZVS High Frequency induction Heating Board Machine with Heating Coil Water Pump 70ml Crucible

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Product features and functions
1. Use 2mm thickness PCB design, copper thickness 2OZ, large current, good heat dissipation;
2. 180mm 220V cooling fan;
3. The heating coil is wrapped with high-temperature insulation material to prevent short circuit during heating, and a specific heating coil is customized;
4. The input terminal uses high-current power terminals, which can be directly connected to a dedicated 100A power meter;
5. Send the matching water pump for heating ring water cooling, and send the temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the motherboard at any time;
6. Optional external control board function, which can achieve external soft key control, control board integrated overload protection temperature protection, etc.
Product parameters
1. Overall dimensions:length * width * 220 * 180 * 150 (unit:mm);
2. Heating ring size:60 * 70 * 73 or 70 * 80 * 73mm (inner diameter * outer diameter * height);
3. Input voltage:DC48V;
4. Maximum power:4000W;
5. Maximum DC working current:85A
6. Metal iron is directly heated to a maximum temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius
7. The maximum temperature of the crucible is 1600 degrees Celsius
1. It must be ensured that the power supply can stably output a current of more than 80A. Generally, two 50A communication power supplies are used in parallel.
2. The power-on queue should follow the power supply to the power supply, wait a few seconds for the power supply to stabilize, then connect the power supply between the power supply and the motherboard (recommended to use a 100A current switch), and finally press the red button on the green control interface . Do not make mistakes, otherwise the motherboard will be burned directly and unprotected. When shutting down, first turn off the red button, then turn off the switch between the motherboard and the power supply, and finally turn off the power switch.
3. When working, water cooling and air cooling must work at the same time. If any of them does not work, you should immediately disconnect the power and contact the manufacturer for a solution;
4. If conditional water cooling can be used, cold water can be directly discharged into the hot water without circulation, so that the heat dissipation effect is better;
5. Crucibles should be prepared for long-term use. The high temperature heating of graphite will react with oxygen to generate carbon dioxide and gradually consume the crucible;
6. Pay attention to the changes of various parameters of the display at all times, especially the voltage and current and the temperature of the main board. Once the abnormality is found, the power must be disconnected immediately.
Package includes
1 x Motherboard
1 x Heating coil
1 x Water pump
1 x Pump power supply
1 x Water pipe
1 x 70ml crucible

Weight 4.116 kg


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