CJMCU-35 LPS35HW Pressure Sensor Waterproof and Moisture-proof Height Sensor Module Absolute Barometer

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LPS35HW is an ultra-compact piezoresistive, digital pressure sensor with output barometer.
The device includes a sensing element and an IC interface. The sensing element that communicates through IIC or SPI can detect absolute pressure. This digital sensor has low power consumption, current consumption as low as 3uA, and a wide measurement range from 260hPa to 1260hPa.
Power supply voltage:1.7V-3.6V
High overpressure capability:20 times full scale
Communication interface:SPI and I2C interface
Interrupt function:data ready, FIFO flag, pressure threshold
Embedded temperature compensation
24-bit pressure data output
16-bit temperature data output
ODR from 1Hz to 75Hz
Embedded FIFO
Pin Description
VCC:Power terminal
SCL:I2C serial clock
SPI:Serial clock
SDA:12C serial data
4-wire SPI serial data input
3-wire serial data input / output
SDO:4-wire SPI serial data output
The least significant bit of the I2C device address
CS:SPI enable, I2C / SPI mode selection
(1:SPI idle mode / 12C communication is enabled; 0:SPI communication mode / 12C disabled)
INT:Interrupt pin
Package includes
1 x Pressure sensor with pins
Application tips
The power supply must be provided through the VDD line, and the power decoupling capacitor C1 (100nF) must be placed as close as possible to the power pad of the device. Depending on the application, an additional 4.7uF capacitor can be placed on VDD.
Schematic diagram:

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