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DIY Electronic Kit Rechargeable FM Stereo Digital Radio DIY Parts

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1.Use advanced digital audio signal processing technology (DSP) and FM phase-locked loop modulation technology (PLL) to make the sound quality more realistic, the performance more stable, and the long-term working frequency has no deviation
The reception signal is good, 22 stations can be received locally.
2. LCD display is more intuitive and accurate, with extremely low power consumption and minimal noise interference.
3. It has the functions of automatic search and storage of radio stations, easy to operate and use.
4. Built-in 30-level digital volume adjustment, key operation can be easily completed.
5.Automatically memorize the data before the power failure.
6.Using quartz crystal for frequency stabilization, the emission frequency will no longer drift when the temperature changes.
7. Full frequency band (76-108MHZ) automatically search for signal frequency band and store memory.
8.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and charging circuit, it can be charged with a mobile phone charger, the blue light is on when charging, and the light is off when it is full.
PCB board size:7.1CM*3.6CM
Shell size:8.2CM*4.9CM*2.0CM
Support headset:in-ear headset
Output power:500mW (drive earphone)
Frequency response range:50Hz-18KHz
Receiving frequency adjustment range
Turn off campus radio 87.0MHz-108.0MHz, turn on campus radio 76.0MHz-108.0MHz
Equivalent noise:◎30dB
Supply voltage:3.0V-5.0V
Battery size:5x20x30 (thickness X width X length)
Package battery capacity:250MAH, it can be used for about 4-5 hours when fully charged.
Style:1:Parts + shell 2:Parts + shell + earphone 3:Finished product + shell
4:Finished product + shell+ earphone
Do not touch the back components of the module when working, so as not to affect the normal operation of the module or cause a short circuit to burn the module.
This module is a radio sensitive device. Interference from the power supply or nearby may affect the normal operation of the module.
Therefore, it is recommended to use a battery or a power frequency transformer to obtain a stable voltage obtained by stabilizing the power supply for the module. Cannot use switching power supply
(Such as mobile phone chargers, and any other switching power supplies), power banks, and no working Class D amplifiers, microwave ovens and other equipment are nearby.
Otherwise, the interference generated by these devices will affect the receiving effect of this module. Those who buy the module and develop it by themselves, please pay attention.
Instructions for use
After each module is completed, the channel will be searched automatically first. Long press ‘Auto Search (AUTO key)’ to start automatic search and store the radio stations that can be listened to,
After the search is completed, the first station P01 will be played automatically. The user can press the ‘previous station’ or ‘next station’ button to switch the searched station.
This module can set the backlight state and whether to listen to the campus broadcast frequency band according to the user’s specific usage. The setting method is as follows.
When the power is off, press and hold the VOL+, VOL- button and power on the LCD display C1 to turn on the campus broadcast C0 to turn off the campus broadcast band, and the settings will take effect after restarting.
To set the backlight state, press and hold the up and down radio buttons at the same time when the power is off. B1 indicates that the backlight is always on, and B0 indicates that the backlight is turned off for 20 seconds. The settings will take effect after restarting. Change the setting status and repeat this step to switch. The factory unified setting is not to turn on the campus broadcast frequency band, and the backlight goes out for 20 seconds without operation.
Pakage included
1 x PCB board
1 x Audio stand
6 x 6*6*14 button
1 x USB MICOR socket (fixed feet are plug-ins)
1 x 12D07 side switch
2 x TP4054
3 x 104 monolithic capacitor
2 x 10K resistor
1 x 510 ohm resistor
1 x 3MM LED white hair blue
1 x Radio module

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