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2PCS KSA80 Field Effect Tube Class A Power Amplifier Board J162 K1058

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1. Use original J162/K1058 field effect tube bile taste tube, MJE15032/MJE15033, MJE340/MJE350.
2. The capacitor between coupling stages adopts 2.2UF WIMA capacitor imported from Germany, with natural sound and wide sound field
3. The resistance uses five-ring metal resistors, and the main circuit uses five-ring metal film resistors with an accuracy of ÷1% to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.
4. The PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and full tinning process to ensure good passing performance of large and small currents. First-class PCB quality.
5. This board uses the current advanced C1237 speaker protection circuit, which effectively eliminates the impact sound of turning on and off and the DC output protection function, making your speakers safer.
6. The wiring layout of the whole circuit board is quite rigorous and reasonable, and the whole PCB wiring adopts one-point grounding method. The power amplifier board works stably and reliably, with large output power; the sound is beautiful and round, and the sound field is open. It has a strong stereo effect, stable and powerful low frequency, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range; clear details, excellent transient response, and can play all kinds of music with ease, and has a very good performance in the home environment.
Basic parameter
1. Power supply parameters:one set:DC +-40V (AC:transformer 300W double 28V, need to add rectifier board)
The other group:single AC15V (note:each board is powered by a single AC15V power supply, that is, one board uses a single AC15V power supply)
2. The power amplifier board can use master-slave integrated power supply. When the master-slave integrated power supply, each channel uses 26-28V voltage and 6-8A current. The official recommendation is DC 70V, so our maximum working voltage is not more than 80V, which is plus or minus 40V. . That is, the transformer outputs 26-28V AC. When the master and slave are powered separately, the current amplification part adopts 26-28V, and the voltage amplification adopts 26 to 30V transformer voltage
3. Class A 80W, measured under 4 ohm load
4. Speaker impedance:4-8 ohms.
5. This circuit is easy to debug, just adjust the quiescent current, string a multimeter on the positive pole, set the multimeter to the 10A or 20A position, adjust the potentiometer VR1 clockwise to adjust the current to 1.5A, this board has no temperature No need to adjust repeatedly. This adjustment is based on the recommended radiator size adjustment parameters in this article. If the radiator is too large or too small, the debugging will be changed. If the radiator is relatively large, the maximum quiescent current should not exceed 2A. If the radiator is too small, the temperature of the radiator should not exceed 60 degrees. When any point is reached, the quiescent current must be reduced to ensure safety.
6. Radiator requirements:350 X 150 X 50 (length. width. tooth height) recommended above 2KG
7. The size of the board with the radiator:328*120MM
8. Weight:0.65KG+0.65KG
Package included
2 x Power Amplifier Board

Weight1.39 kg


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