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10pcs 2S Li-ion 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board

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1. The protection board uses imported lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection IC
2. Built-in three overcurrent detection circuit (current 1, current 2, load short circuit)
3. Through the MOS tube can control the battery charge and discharge
4. Connect the terminals of the charger with high withstand voltage devices
5. Operating temperature range:negative 40 degrees to 60 degrees
6. Built-in high-precision voltage detection circuit
7. Low current consumption
Welding point Description
B + is connected to the positive side of the battery pack
MB Connect the contacts in battery 1 and battery 2
B – Connect the negative of the battery pack
P + is connected to the positive terminal (charge side / discharge side)
P-negative / negative terminal (shared with charge / discharge)
Voltage:Charging voltage:DC9V CC/CV (Max.12V)
Single-section equalization voltage:/
Current:Single-phase equalization current:/
Single section current consumption (self-consumption):≤6uA
Maximum sustained discharge current:4A
Overcharge protection:Overcharge detection voltage:4.29V
Accuracy:≤ ±0.025V
Overcharge detection delay time:1s
Overcharge detection recovery voltage:4.05V
Accuracy:≤ ±0.025V
Overdischarge protection:Overdischarge detection voltage:3V
Accuracy:≤ ±0.1V
Overdischarge detection delay time:128ms
Overdischarge detection recovery voltage:3.2V
Accuracy:≤ ±0.1V
Overcurrent protection:Overcurrent detection voltage:200mv
Accuracy:≤ ±30mv
Overcurrent detection current:9.8A
Accuracy:≤ ±3A
Overcurrent detection delay time:12ms
Recovery status:Automatic recovery
Short circuit protection:Detection status:External short circuit
Detection delay time:≤50us
Recovery status:Automatic recovery
Internal resistance:Protection circuit (MOSPET):≤21mΩ
Temperature:Working temperature range:-40~+52°C
Storage temperature range:-40~+125°C
Product Usage
2 strings of nickel cobalt manganese, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide rechargeable batteries
2 series lithium polymer rechargeable battery
1. During connection,pay attention to input/output voltage,load current using condition, and make sure that board power consumption will not surpass tolerance consumption
2. When connect with battery,it may not discharge;in this condition,continuous charging can let it restore to normal operating state
3. When overcharging battery and overdischarging battery are mixed up,it will become charging and overdischarging state, both of them cannot perform charging and discharging
4. Although this protection board internallt installs anti-static protection circuit, please don’t force too high static electricty on protection board
Package included
10 x 2S Li-ion 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board

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