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AP-D5830A 30A 800W High Power DC-DC Step-down Constant Voltage Constant Current Charging Power Supply Module with Fan Cooling

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1. High conversion efficiency.
2. High-power original components.
3. High-power and high-electricity double iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring.
4. Anti-reverse connection of input MOS tube (input is not afraid of reverse connection).
5. The output constant voltage and current is adjustable.
6. There is an output overcurrent protection indicator.
7. There is an output indicator.
8. High-power profile aluminum radiator.
9. Intelligent temperature control fan for heat dissipation.
10. High reliability and stable work.
1. Product name:High-power DC step-down module power supply.
2. Product model:AP-D5830A.
3. Input voltage:DC20V-70V.
4. Input current:20A max.
5. Output voltage:2.5V-58V adjustable.
6. Output current:0.1-30A adjustable.
7. Output power:800W max.
8. Conversion efficiency:93-97% (efficiency is related to input and output voltage and current).
9. Circuit structure:non-isolated (BUCK).
10. Working temperature:-20~60→
1. High-power solar street lamp driver.
2. Constant current drive for various LED lighting.
3. Power supply for vehicles and various mobile devices.
4. DIY adjustable constant voltage and constant current power supply.
5. Solar charging power supply.
6. Charge various batteries.
Instructions for use
1. The input and output polarity are marked in Chinese.
2. Adjustable range of output constant voltage:DC2.5V-58V (clockwise decrease, counterclockwise increase), please adjust the output voltage to the voltage you need when the output is no-load, and then connect the load (constant voltage power supply) The constant current should be adjusted to 1.2-1.5 times larger than the load current,),
3. Adjustable range of output constant current:0.1A-30A (turn down clockwise, turn up counterclockwise), first adjust the output voltage at no-load (the no-load voltage should be higher than the load voltage 2-3V when the current is constant), and set the constant Adjust the current to the minimum, then turn on the load and connect an ammeter in series at the output, and slowly adjust the current to the current you need.
4. When there is output, the output indicator lights up.
1. When the input and output voltage is higher than 36V, please pay attention to the safety of electricity to prevent electric shock.
2. When working with high current, please tighten the screws of the terminal block.
3. When working, the input and output voltage and current can not exceed the maximum value, so as not to damage the power supply.
4. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation when working with full load for a long time to extend the service life of the power supply.
5. Pay attention to dust and moisture.
Package included
1 x Power Supply Module

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