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5pcs Blue LM3914 Battery Capacity indicator Module LED Power Level Tester Display Board

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– This is a DIY kits,need buyer to assemble it.
– Power display is to take some voltage, perform simulations show the percentage of segments, such as 3.7V lithium battery, take the lower voltage 3V, the upper limit of 4.2V, 4.2-3 = 1.2V, the voltage difference between the lower limit of 1.2V, is the battery Analog power up
– LM3914 can accurately detect an analog voltage, and 10 LED display, display dot mode LED is lit 10 one, or in a stripe pattern individually lit LED
– Display Description:Displays the battery voltage between the lower limit of 10 files showed that representatives of each of the lights 10% charge displays, on behalf of 10 lights display charge 0% -100% range; you can also change the single light display, is displayed only a light, more power, single-light power 4mA, all bright 42mA.
– Suitable for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and other power batteries need to be displayed
– Power adjustable display range for the battery discharge curve of a scientific setting, direct support:single lithium 1S (4.2V) ~ 4S (16.8V), lead acid 6V ~ 12V, NiMH 3.6V ~ 18V, nickel-cadmium batteries 3.6V ~ 18V
Power:bar display full brightness 42ma, single light shows 4ma
Measuring range:the battery inside the common 2.4-20v
Display:Multi-light bar display or a single light dot display
pcb board size:45 x 14 mm
Display Mode A / P:full brightness linear / single lamp lattice mode switch, the default is a linear model, the board set aside a switch pad, even with soldering pads can be turned into full light linear mode, no welding is the point like single light display
A variety of high and low voltage battery display range adjustment
1. Lithium battery
After the completion of a single lithium battery discharge voltage is 3V, when fully charged 4.2V;
1S correspond to 3V (first light) to 4.2V (tenth lights);
2S corresponds to 6V (first light) to 8.4V (tenth lights);
3S correspond to 9V (first light) to 12.6V (tenth lights);
4S correspond to 12V (first light) to 16.8V (tenth lights);
Other series voltage and so on.
2. Lead Acid Batteries
6V or 12V lead-acid battery is generally
6V corresponds to 4.8V (first red light) to 6.75V (tenth lights);
12V corresponds to 9.6V (first red light) to 13.5V (tenth lights);
The module according to the above standard battery discharge range design, can accurately reflect the battery, so that users can readily observe the status of the battery.
Adjustment methods
Equipment needed:an adjustable power supply, precision accuracy of the decisions of the panel display. Watches word screwdriver.
Case in single 3.7V lithium, 3V is less low-end power, 4.2V for the full power of high-end.
1. the adjustable power supply voltage to the desired voltage display high 4.2v, connect this board, this time there are two results:one is not bright, one is all bright or light a few. This time slow adjustment plate 503 (50k) potentiometer until the LED strip just lit up the whole. Several light does not shine or counterclockwise to adjust, when full light clockwise.
2. the adjustable power supply voltage to the low end of the desired 3V. Adjustment board 502 (5K) potentiometer to just light a LED, does not light clockwise adjustment, several or all bright light counterclockwise.
3. patiently repeating the first step two. Usually 2 times to adjust to the desired display range.
To adjust their voltage, according to the method of adjusting the order, to emphasize high-end, then adjust the low end.Red then positive, then negative black, must not be reversed, this module is the maximum limit voltage DC 20V, please use anti-static welding or soldering station pull electric heat welding.
Package Included
5 x LM3914 Battery Capacity Tester Display Board

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