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ZB206 V1.3 Battery Capacity Tester internal Resistance Test 18650 Lithium Battery Tester

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Voltage 5V / Voltage 12V /

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Supply voltage:DC12V / 5V (optional)
Working current
Maximum battery input voltage:8.5V
Maximum error of discharge current:1%+2mA
Voltage measurement error:1%-3D
The maximum error of the overall measurement results:0.1-0.2A 2.5%, 0.3-0.5A 1.6%, 0.6-1.0A 1.2%, 1.1A-2.6A 1%
Circuit board size (no copper feet):97 x 62 x 38mm
Weight (with copper feet):47g
Instruction:Click to open
Quick start instructions (factory default)
1. Full charged the test battery (or power bank), positive and negative electrodes are respectively connected to the blue terminal of the bat+ and bat-, the connection line is recommended as far as possible short and thick! using DC 12V operating voltage, power on the test instrument display discharge current.
2. Press the S — or S++ button can change the setting current within 0.1-2.6A, when the current is correct, press SK button to start test (such as fault code Err* please refer to the following content), the tester can intelligent selection of cell types and formulate termination voltage, start testing “RUN Inch indicator lights, digital tube display values from ah capacity, energy wh, voltage V and A current take turns display. When the test is completed, the digital tube stays in the Ah fast flashing with a voice reminder, “RUN Inch indicator lights off.
3. After the completion can press the “SK Inch button to make the tester stop flashing alarm, you can also press the S — or S++ button switch check battery capacity Ah, energy Wh and discharge plateau voltage V, when pressed “SK Inch button again, tester returned to the startup current of the setting state, can be repeated previous operation to next battery test.
Note:during test alarm state, must be carried out one key operation, the backup data will be cleared, if not doing one button operation, the backup will always save the results, even if the power is cut off!
The meaning and processing method of error code Err*
Err1:the battery voltage is too high, please confirm that the battery voltage is lower than 8.5V before test.
Err2:the battery voltage is too low (below the set value of the termination voltage), please confirm the battery voltage and reset. If the battery is connected reversed and the four wire mode voltage measurement is not connected or connected to the reverse is also display Err2.
Err3:the battery does not support setting discharge current or circuit resistance is too high, please use a smaller current to test battery, and to ensure that the cell line is thick and short, between the electrode contact is good.
Err4:power tube damage, the problem generally occurs after the bad transformation, can replace the power tube, substitute models have P75NF75, etc..
Err5:beyond the test power constraints! this status is only possible when the power limit function is turned on (LPon), under on behalf of the set conditions the discharge power is more than 12W, the tester to prevent heat overheating and take protective measures. Users can DIY yourself (to increase the heat sink or installation of fans), and enter the function setting menu to close the power limit (LPoF), now you can use more than 12W power.
Err6:the power supply voltage is out of range, when the power supply voltage is lower than 11V or higher than 14V, the test instrument under booting will show the error code, please replace the appropriate voltage power supply!!
Note:when display the Err1-Err5, press any key to return to the initial state.
Package includes
1 x Lithium Battery Tester (Test tools does not includes)

Weight0.02 kg


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