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5pcs 10W/15W/20W Stereo bluetooth Amplifier Board 12V/24V Digital Power Amplifier Module XY-P15W

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Product Name:bluetooth Digital Amplifier Module
Product model:XY-P15W
Working voltage:DC:8~24V
Bluetooth version:5.0
Transmission distance:15 meters (visual unobstructed)
Number of channels:two channels (stereo)
Output power (@1KHz)
16W*2 @12V 4Ω
10W*2 @12V 8Ω
15W*2 @16V 8Ω
20W*2 @20V 8Ω
30W*2 @24V 8Ω (requires heat sink)
Adapter speaker (30W~150W)
4 ohms (8~12V power supply)
8 ohms (8~24V power supply)
16 ohms (8~24V power supply)
Module protection mechanism:reverse power protection
Short circuit protection:self-recovery overheat protection
Precautions for use
1. Use the power amplifier board as far as possible from the WIFI signal (router)
2. Recommended power supply voltage DC 8~24V, more than 26V, the chip will burn out.
3. The power supply does not exceed 12V when connected to a 4Ω speaker, and the power supply does not exceed 24V when connected to an 8 ohm speaker.
4. The supply current is recommended to be 2A or more.
5. Module working power exceeds 20W*2, need to add heat sink
6. The speaker cable should not be too long, and it should be suitable within 1 meter.
7. Pay attention to static electricity protection. Before touching the power amplifier board, you need to release the static electricity on your hand to avoid static electricity from penetrating the chip. The Bluetooth chip is sensitive to static electricity.
8. It is recommended to adapt the rated power of the speaker to 30W and above to avoid the burning of the speaker.
Package includes
5 x Digital Power Amplifier Module

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