Keyes Brick MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor Module Gas Sensor with Pin Header

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This is a commonly used air quality sensor. The gas sensing material used in this sensor is tin oxide (SnO2) with low conductivity in clean air. When there is a polluting gas in the environment where the sensor is located, the conductivity of the sensor increases as the concentration of the polluting gas in the air increases. The sensor is highly sensitive to ammonia, sulfides, and benzene vapors, and is ideal for monitoring smoke and other harmful gases. This sensor detects a wide range of harmful gases and is a low-cost sensor for a wide range of applications. It can be applied to harmful gas detection devices in the home and the environment.
The sensor is compatible with various microcontroller control boards, such as the microcontrollers. We provide a method for using this sensor in conjunction with the UNO R3 microcontroller. When using, the A0 terminal reads the analog value of the corresponding gas; the D0 terminal is connected to an LM393 chip (comparator), we can adjust the measured gas alarm critical point through the potentiometer, and output the digital value at D0. When the measured gas content exceeds the critical point, the D0 terminal outputs a low level; when the measured gas content does not exceed the critical point, the D0 terminal outputs a high level.
Working voltage:DC 5V
Control signal:digital signal (D0)
Analog signal (A0)
Positioning hole size:3mm in diameter
Package Included
1 x MQ-135 air quality sensor
(the other items are not includes)

Weight 0.028 kg


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