Automatic Irrigation Pumping Water Pump Module Soil Moisture Humidity Detection Sensor Module

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This board can roughly measure the humidity and determine the switch of the watering equipment according to the humidity. The sensitivity can be roughly adjusted with a potentiometer.
You can use a power bank (5V DC) as the power source or use 4 X AA battery boxes and install 4 batteries for power supply.
About the test
Test relay module 1:Connect the relay module vcc 5 V to ground, ground, and then connect to ground. If the relay is empty, the relay will recover and you can hear the sound of ‘card’;
2. Test the soil moisture sensor module:Connect the fork probe and the transmitter module with two DuPont cables, and ground the transmitter module vcc 5 V and gnd. The red power indicator light always stays on, while the green (blue) indicator light will flash once. Put the fork probe directly into the water, the green (blue) indicator light will be on;
3. Connect the red wire of the pump to 5 V and the black wire to ground, and the pump will start to work. Remember:the test can be performed for 1 second. Because it cannot be exposed to the air for a long time.
4. Assemble according to the schematic diagram.
1. This product can be free of welding, but you need to strip the wire, twist the copper wire together, and protect it with black tape;
2. The water pump cannot be operated in the air for a long time;
3. The system is connected and powered on, and the water pump works all the time. It is correct. Because the probe cannot detect the humidity in the air, the water pump works all the time. There is no problem if it is installed correctly in the flowerpot.
4.Do not pour water directly on the probe. Many people don’t know this. When the humidity is high, it will rust and break.
Package Included
1 x Relay module
1 x Soil moisture module
1 x Horizontal water pump
1 x Battery holder (without batteries)
1 x USB
1 x 50cm silicone tube
10 x Dupont line female to female

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