TAS5630 Power Amplifier Board High-power Mono 600W Bass Subwoofer Power Amplifier Board

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The TAS5630 class D amplifier can drive 600W output power under a DC48V 2 ohm load, 350W output power at a 4 ohm load. They use PurePathTM HD technology and TI’s advanced closed-loop architecture to enable next-generation home theater systems, stand-alone High-definition media playback and ultra-low distortion in home theaters, professional audio systems. Is the current top digital amplifier
This is a flagship digital amplifier. Its analytical power and details are all extreme. Its driving force is very powerful and its power consumption is very low.
The board DC input voltage is DC 18V to DC 50V. The recommended range is 24-45V. The current is more than 6A (the bigger the better), the transformer plus rectifier bridge filter can also be used. The transformer is within 15V-33V.
Input signal can be left or right 2 input or only mono input.
The board material is very professional, red ring low-loss fever inductance, Japan ALPS16 potentiometer, large-scale aluminum alloy heat dissipation system, Japan chemical black diamond decoupling capacitor, etc.
R=2┯, P=600W when THD+N=10%
R=4┯, P=350W when THD+N=10%
DC=50V, R=6┯, P=250W when THD+N=10%
DC=50V, R=8┯, THD+N=10%, P=200W
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N)
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR):>100dB
Input impedance:20K┯
Output offset voltage
Voltage gain:adjustable
Conversion Rate (SR):50V/us
Frequency Response Range:20Hz–20kHz
Power supply range:DC20–DC50V
PCB size:111.6*103.5MM
Frequency division point:60HZ
Use note
The board is a DC power supply, do not directly input AC, use AC transformer, plug a rectifier bridge and filter capacitor. In addition, the DC power supply should not exceed 50V and it should not be lower than 20V. If it is less than 20V, it will not start. In addition, there is a relationship between the output power and the power of the power supply. The 50V power will be 4 times larger than the power at 20V.
Package included
1 x Amplifier Board

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