433MHz 4 Channel Remote Control Switch industrial Grade Controller AC220V-380V

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The remote control switch uses a 30A relay, which can load high-power electrical appliances. The receiving method is learning-type single-chip decoding. It can learn multiple remote controls. Each remote control can be learned by pressing the keys. Each remote control controls multiple switches. Multiple remote controllers can control one switch, simple operation and flexible combination. Each button of the remote controller has different learning and working methods, which avoids the trouble of switching the output mode through jumper caps. It is easy to use and suitable for multiple fields and multiple purposes. Output switch signal, simple and convenient installation.
Mainly used in lamps, electric doors, windows, lifting equipment. Water pump, elevator control, security industry and agricultural irrigation and other fields such as long-distance wireless remote control have the advantages of convenient installation, simple use, safe and reliable.
Product advantages
1. High transmitting power, independent antenna, wide application range;
2. Long transmission distance, no directionality, high transmission sensitivity, no signal blocking;
3. Large-capacity battery power supply, realizing zero power consumption in standby;
4. The chip has fixed code and learning code and other chips, supporting software and hardware development and customization.
1. Working voltage:AC 220V-380V
2. Working frequency:433MHz
3. Working temperature:-40~+85→
4. Receiving sensitivity:◎ -105dBm
5. Load:NO (30A/240VAC), NC (20A/240VAC)
6. Size:circuit board:122x87x17 (mm) with shell:144.8x91x40 (mm)
7. Remote control distance:2000m
8. Modulation method:ASK
9. Battery:9V 6F22
Working method
Press A (data bit 1000) to learn, and the controller jogs;
Press B (data bit 0100) key to learn, the controller is interlocked;
Press C (data bit 0010) to learn, and the controller will lock itself;
Press D (data bit 0001) key to learn, control relay (1, 2) jog + relay (3, 4) self-lock;
Remote control A (data bit 1000) controls relay 1;
Remote control B (data bit 0100) controls relay 2;
Remote control C (data bit 0010) controls relay 3;
Remote control D (data bit 0001) controls relay 4;
Package included
1 x Controller
1 x Remote Control Switch

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