Mini 12V Power Supply Tesla Coil Module DIY Spare Space Lighting Tech Electronic Production Kit

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The magical Tesla coil produces high-temperature and high-pressure plasma, can ignite, wirelessly transmit electricity, light fluorescent lamps, and wonderful arcs. There are many ways to play, and it is a very interesting scientific experiment. Tesla Coil is a transformer (resonant transformer) that operates using the principle of resonance. It was invented by American Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla in 1891. It is mainly used to produce ultra-high voltage but low current. , High-frequency AC power. Tesla coils consist of two (sometimes three) coupled resonant circuits. Tesla coils are difficult to define, and Nikola Tesla tried a large number of various coil configurations. Tesla uses these coils for innovative experiments such as electrical lighting, fluorescence spectrum, X-rays, high-frequency AC current phenomena, electrotherapy and wireless power transmission, and transmitting and receiving radio signals.
The new development of this product, the primary coil is already in the PCB board, there is no need to wind outside, it is convenient for enthusiasts to install, high efficiency, beautiful, it is a new design. ThisTesla coil is very safe,
Does not reach people, and can be used for student experiments, graduation design assignments, etc.
Input voltage:9-12V, can start with 9V battery, but if there is an arc, the working voltage needs 12V.
PCB board size:4CM * 3.1CM
Weight:about 23 grams
Package included
1 x Tesla Coil Module DIY Kit

Weight 0.026 kg


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