MPPT Solar Charge Controller Waterproof 8A Solar Panel Regulator for 48V 60V Lead Acid And Lithium Battery IP67 Step Up Charger

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The latest MovingTrack high efficiency boosting MPPT charging technology in the industry is adopted for HV6008N boosting waterproof type MPPT (Maximum Power Tracking) charging controller, which can guarantee the optimal status of solar panel and, realize charging to the maximum degree and effectively prolong the service life of storage battery. The product, which is mainly applied to the charging system of solar electric vehicles, is featured by high reliability, high efficiency, high accuracy, simple installation and convenient maintenance, etc.
1.All-waterproof encapsulation; protection grade:IP 67; applicable to the electric vehicles’ application environment with vibration and high humidity; it is guaranteed that the device has good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, vibration resistance.
2.The latest Moving TrackTM high efficiency MPPT technology that is specially researched and developed for mobile photovoltaic power generation system is adopted; maximum power tracking can be quickly realized during motion, and it will not suffer from the interference from unstable illumination to battery panel. MPPT efficiency reaches as high as 99.9%.
3.It supports the work of 16V ~ 50V battery panel, and the applicable scope is wider.
4.Lead acid battery and lithium battery is universal.
5.High efficiency and high speed intelligent MCU digital power design is adopted; there is wide voltage input range; self-adaption to solar panel input voltage.
6.High quality imported components and parts are adopted to improve the system efficiency, and the circuit switching efficiency is as high as 97%., There is complete protection function for battery overcharging, reverse charging and reverse connection.
7.External jumper design is adopted; switching between 48V and 60V battery is easy; double-color LED is adopted to indicate the battery voltage.
8.It supports such communication interface as RS232/ RS485, which is convenient for connecting other main control device.
9.The small volume is convenient for installation
Name of parameterParameter value
Controller typeBoosting MPPT
Battery voltage/ type48V / 60V lead acid battery or lithium battery
Static power consumption
Open circuit voltage of solar panel16V∥50V
MPPT working voltage14V∥36V
MPPT tracking power>99%
Charging conversion efficiency90% ∥ 97%
Maximum charging current8A
Maximum input current of solar panel10A
Over voltage16.0V (≠4/48V system; ≠5/60V system)
Equilibrium charging voltage14.6V (≠4/48V system; ≠5/60V system)
Equilibrium charging interval30 days (lithium battery has no equilibrium
charging function)
Boost charging voltage14.4V (≠4/48V system; ≠5/60V system)
Float charging voltage13.8V (≠4/48V system; ≠5/60V system)
Working temperature-35→ ∥ +65→
Protection gradeIP67
Protection functionOver voltage protection for storage battery, reverse connection protection for storage battery, over current protection for input and output, over voltage protection for photovoltaic panel, reverse connection protection and over temperature protection for photovoltaic panel, open circuit protection for output, anti-reverse charging protection at night
Controller size (mm)100x82x23.5
Installation size of controller85.5x75mm
Mounting hole diameter3.5mm
Package included
1 x MPPT Solar Electric Vehicle Controller

Weight 0.323 kg


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