DC 12V Motor forward and Reverse Remote Control Switch Projection Screen/Curtain/Rolling Shutter Gate Up and Down Stop Control with Limit

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The high-end screen remote control can operate the projection screen up and down on the remote control handle and the connector at the same time, which will not affect the operation control of the projection screen when the remote control handle is lost or damaged, which guarantees the meeting or the normal operation of teaching or theater. At the same time, this screen remote control uses high-quality IC chips to support the control of electric projection screens. It is the best partner for home projection screens.
DC 24V motor forward and reverse controller It is used to control the forward and reverse rotation of 24V motor. The wiring is simple:2 in, 2 out, the incoming line is connected to 24V power supply, and the outgoing line is directly connected to the motor. Complete functions; learning function, through the pairing button, the remote control can be used to obtain the use authority. The remote control that has not been learned is unusable with a limit switch and can be realized to the specified position after a little processing, and the motor stops running.
1. Using wireless digital identification technology, each switch has its own independent password, and will not interfere with each other.
2. Wireless radio frequency remote control, non-directional, the signal can pass through the wall.
3. No wiring is required, which saves wiring costs and saves time and effort.
4. Learning type Multi-function, easy to add remote control, just press the pairing button.
Reference operating instructions
1. Preparation:The controller is powered on (note the positive and negative poles), and the remote control is equipped with batteries.
2. Deleting the remote control:also called clearing data. Press the pairing button without letting go. The indicator light flashes for about 3-5 seconds. Let go, it means the clearing is successful. At this time, the remote control is operated and the controller does not respond.
3. Pairing the remote control:Press the pairing button, the indicator light flashes, let go. When the controller is in the learning state, press the first button of the remote control to transmit the signal.
Remote control parameters
Working voltage:12V (with a 12V23A battery)
Reference distance:10-100 meters
Encoding type:fixed code 2260 / learning code 1527
Receiving board parameters
Working voltage:24V
Standby current:6mA
Working frequency:315/433MHz (default 315MHZ)
Frequency deviation:รท0.2MHz
Learning code, through the pairing button to achieve pairing with the remote control
Receiving board size:102mm*61mm*30mm
Package included
1 x Remote control Switch (with Limit)
1 x Receiving board
1 x Base

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