MAX97220 Differential to Balanced Power Amplifier Board Single-Channel Output AMP HIFI DC 2.5-5.5V

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The differential amplifying circuit utilizes the symmetry of the circuit parameters and the negative feedback to effectively stabilize the static operating point, and amplifies the differential mode signal to suppress the common mode signal. It is widely used in the input stage of the direct coupling circuit and the measuring circuit.
1.High quality signal;
2.Stable audio signal;
3.Low power consumption;
4.Support disabling control.
1.Product Name:MAX97220 Power Amplifier Board
2.Working Voltage:DC 2.5V-5.5V
6.Working Temperature range:-40→~85→
7.Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH
Module enables terminal.Module is enabled and can work normally when input high level signal.Module is disability and can not work normally when input low level signal.Default internal pull-up is high.
Using Steps
1.Make sure wiring diagram as shown;
3.Connect right input voltage at input terminal;
4.Input audio signal;
5.Connect to suitable power amplifier board or headphone or speaker device at audio output socket;
6.Test and use.
1.DIY speaker;
2.Voice intelligent control;
3.Bluetooth signal conversion.
4.Blue ray and DVD Players
5.LCD Televisions
6.Prosumer Audio Devices
7.Set-Top Boxes
8.Simple Multimedia Interfaces
Package included
1 x MAX97220 Power Amplifier Board

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