CJMCU-25504 Boost Converter Solar Cell Management Nanopower Energy Collector

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The CJMCU-25504 is the first new, smart, integrated energy-harvesting -power management solution ideally suited for ultra-low power applications with special needs. The device is specifically designed to capture and manage microwatts (μW) to milliwatts (mW) of power generated from various sources such as photovoltaic (solar) generators or thermoelectric generators. The bq25504 is the first in its class to implement an efficient boost converter / charger for products and systems that have tight power and operational requirements, such as wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The design of the bq25504 starts with just a tiny watt of power – the boost converter / charger.
After the boost converter / charger is started, energy can be efficiently extracted from a low voltage output collector such as a thermoelectric generator (TEG) or one / two solar panels. The boost converter can pass V as low as 330mVINStart, start, you can rely on as low as 80mV VINContinue to collect energy.
The bq25504 also implements a programmable maximum power point tracking sampling network to optimize power transfer to the device. VIN_DC open-circuit voltage sampling is programmed by an external resistor and is controlled by an external capacitor (CREF) Hold.
For example, a solar cell with an open-circuit voltage of 80% at maximum power point sets the resistor divider to 80% of the VIN_DC voltage at which point the network will control VIN_DC near the sampled reference voltage. Alternatively, an external reference can also be provided by a microcontroller (MCU) to produce a more complex MPPT algorithm.
The bq25504 is designed to flexibly support a wide range of energy storage components. Energy harvester energy sources are often not fixed, or change over time. Systems typically require specific types of energy storage elements, such as rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, or traditional capacitors. Energy storage components ensure that the system provides constant power when needed. With energy storage components, the system is also capable of handling any current that is not directly available from the input source.
To prevent damage to customers’ energy storage components, the device monitors maximum and minimum voltage with reference to user-programmed undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) levels.
In order to further help users to strictly manage their energy budget, when the battery or capacitor voltage drops below the preset threshold, bq25504 will switch the battery normal state flag and send it to connected to the microprocessor . This warning signal should trigger the load current drop to prevent the system from entering undervoltage condition. OV, UV, and battery normal thresholds are programmed separately.
Ultra-Low Power, High Efficiency – Boost Converter / ChargerContinuous energy harvesting from low voltage input supply:VIN≥ 80mV (typical)
Ultra-low quiescent current:IQ.
Cold start voltage:V.IN≥ 330mV (typical)
Programmable Dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
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1 x Energy Collector

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