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18650 Lithium Battery Welding Spot Welder Small Hand-held Welder Module

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The circuit board of this spot welding machine can be used for welding 18650/26650/32650 lithium batteries. Advantages:portable, stable, reliable, and durable. Low cost, you have a car starter battery, or a high-power battery pack, just connect it and use it!
Users need to bring their own 12V battery for power supply, and the welding current is about 90A~130A. It is easy to weld the common 0.1mm~0.12mm nickel plated sheet. Please make sure that your battery can have a current greater than 90A, otherwise you will not be able to weld!
Power supply voltage:12V-15V
Working current:90-150A (discharged below 90A, it will not work.)
A battery with a large discharge current will directly affect the welding effect. The following batteries are recommended
20-45ah Lead-acid battery with good performance and small internal resistance (internal resistance is less than 10 milliohms, discharge current is greater than 90A) such as:new car starter battery;
3.5-5.5ah 3S model airplane lithium battery pack around 45C;
30-35ah capacity 18650 battery pack;
Function button
1. Used to switch the machine 2. Used to switch gears! When the power is turned on, the default is the first gear. Press the button for 2 seconds to release, the gear will increase by one gear, and the buzzer will sound and the LED flashes corresponding to the number of gears.
For example:the 3rd gear, the buzzer beeps three times, and the LED flashes 3 times, a total of 5 gears. The spot welding intensity gradually increases from gear 1 to gear 5, and gear 5 is the strongest!
After the 5th gear, press and hold the button again. It will power off. In the off state, press and hold the button to power on, and the gear will return to the first gear.
Package included
1 x Motherboard
2 x Soldering pen with wire
2 x Input wires
2 x Heat shrink tube
3 sets of screws
1 x 1m nickel sheet 0.1*6mm

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