CJMCU-3216 AP3216 Distance Sensor Photosensitive Tester Digital Optical Flow Proximity Sensor Module

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The AP3216C is an integrated ALS&PS module that includes a digital ambient light sensor [ALS], a proximity sensor [PS], and a single package of infrared LEDs.
The unit offers multi-gain capability with linear response in the dynamic range 365/1460/5840/23360, making it ideal for applications in clear glass or dark glass.
The proximity function is specifically designed for near-field applications where external objects are detected through a simple configurable area controlled by registers. With multiple proximity gain control,
Multiple infrared LED current control and 10-bit ADC output, the device is specifically designed to hold low-reflective objects such as black hair.
The device supports interrupts to increase system efficiency and has features that help minimize the occurrence of false triggers. Through internal calibration and CMOS design, the AP3216C is designed to minimize device-to-device variation for ease of manufacturing.
I 2 C interface (fs mode 400k Hz)
Mode selection:ALS, PS+IR, ALS+PS+IR, PD, ALS once, SW reset, PS+IR once, ALS+PS+IR once.
Built-in temperature compensation circuit
Ambient light sensor with the operating temperature range (-30°C to +80°C)
16-bit effective linear output (0~65535)
4 user-selectable dynamic range
Anti-flicker suppression (reject 50/60Hz)
High sensitivity
Window loss compensation
Proximity detector
10-bit effective linear output (0~1023)
4 programmable infrared LED current output
High ambient light suppression
Crosstalk compensation
Mobile phone, PAD
Personal navigation device
LCD/PDP TV backlight system
Digital Frame
Capacitive touch screen applications
Package includes
1 x Sensor Module

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