TF03K 100V350A Coulomb Counter Meter Battery Capacity indicator Voltage Current Display TTL232 Li-ion Lithium lifepo Lead Acid eBike RV with 1M Shielded Cable

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TF03K is a kind of high accuracy current type battery indicator, TF03K can test the voltage, current and capacity of lead-acid/lithium-ion battery, and display them with intuitive battery symbol and percentage. Users can know the state of battery in time. TF03K has function of memory. This battery indicator is suitable for mobile and portable equipments, ups, electric vehicles, ebike, battery cars, balance cars, cleaning machines and so on.
TF03K is different with voltage type battery indicator, TF03K has high accuracy and high reliability. So it is expensive than voltage type battery indicator like LY4,LY6……
Working voltage10.050.0120.0V
Working dissipation 10.015.0mA
Standby dissipation 1.02.0mA
Capacity accuracy ±2.0 %
Voltage accuracy ±2.0 %
Current accuracy ±2.0 %
Backlight on current 80.0100.0mA
Backlight off current 50.060.0mA
Capacity setting value0.1 999Ah
Current of 350A sampler0.0:350.0500.0A
Ambient Temperature02035→
1. In the device panel to open a rectangular hole and two screw holes,
2. Then install the battery indicator from the front of the panel and place the indicator housing into the rectangular opening.
1. Prepare a shielded wire and a wire (0.3-0.75 mm
2. One end of the wire connects to B+ of battery;
3. Another end connects to B+ of sampler (any one is ok);
4. The B- of sampler connects to B- of battery;
5. P- of sampler connect to P- of output;
6. Finally connect sampler to indicator by the shielded wire.
Use setting
Capacity and voltage setting
1. Press the inchOKinch key for 3s to enter the setting menu;
2.Click the “up Inchor“down Inch key to select the setting items
CAP—capacity setting:an initial capacity has been set at factory, please set it according to the real capacity;
FULL U—full voltage setting:when the voltage is higher than it the percentage will be 100%;
ZERO_U—zero_voltage setting:when the voltage is lower than it the percentage will be 0%, backlight off , if you keep discharge the LCD flicker, the alarm indicator display and buzzer warning;
Alarm—alarm setting:when the capacity is lower than it the LCD flicker and buzzer warning.
Note:Generally the FULL U and ZERO_U do not need to set. The default is 0V, which is the invalid. If you want set, please understand the actual charge and discharge voltage of battery firstly.
3. Select“CAP Inchand click“OK Inchkey to enter the capacity setting; The set bit flicker, click the“OK Inchkey can select other bits, click the“up Inchor“down Inch key to plus and minus the value; after this click the“back Inchkey to quit capacity setting;
4. We can set other items with the same method as capacity. When all the items are set and all the values are correct, click the inchbackinch key to save the set and quit the setting menu;
5. Cut off and Re-power, it will work normally.
Package included
1 x coulomb counter
1 x sampler
1 x 1M shielded wire

Weight 0.41 kg


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