TDA7498 High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board 100W+100W Audio Dual Channel Digital Amplifier Board

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TDA7498 is a dual bridge-connected load (BTL) Class D audio amplifier chip. It uses a single power supply and has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency and high power.
1. The board is designed with anti-reverse protection, which will not burn the components of the power amplifier board due to negligence to connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply.
2. Newly added mute and standby control interface, humanized design, so DIY enthusiasts can install applications more reasonably.
3. The power input and speaker output terminals use high-current terminal blocks, which can use thicker wires to ensure high-power requirements.
4. Shield high current inductance to prevent mutual interference and better prevent external magnetic field interference.
5. Ultra-large radiator to ensure that the high-power output can better dissipate the high temperature generated by the chip, ensure performance, and better protect the service life of the chip.
6, The original genuine BC037 electrolytic capacitors , regardless of performance, sound quality, workmanship, etc. are not comparable to high imitation capacitors.
7. Adjustable voltage output, original LM317 adjustable voltage stabilized independent output circuit, can be used for pre-MP3 players and other products. When connecting products, adjust the voltage before connecting other equipment, otherwise it will seriously damage your equipment.
Power output:100Wx2 (36V 8 ohms) Parallel mode (200WX1 4 ohms)
Board size:90mm* 92mm*38mm(width *depth *height)
The board input hole spacing is 2.0mm. The output hole spacing is 7.62mm.
Weight:180 g
Package included
1 x Amplifier Board
1 x Cable

Weight 0.18 kg


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