SX1278 Ra-06 LoRa WIFI Wireless Module Spread Spectrum Communication 433MHz Wireless Serial Port UART interface

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Ra-06 Lora module is an embedded wireless data transmission module based on Lora spread spectrum technology. It uses the LoRa network to provide users with wireless data transmission functions. Supports point-to-point communication protocol, serial port transparent transmission communication, private protocol and ad hoc network protocol of loRa gateway.
The Ra-06 LoRa module has built-in SX1276 and Huada ultra-low power 32-bit cortex M0 + core MCU, 8K RAM, 64K FLASH. Runs a private networking protocol that can be independently developed by Anxin (LoraWan is not supported). Supports RTC wake-up and external pin interrupt wake-up under deep sleep. Various parameters such as serial port speed, transmit power, air speed, working mode can be modified online by AT instruction.
The wireless communication part of the Ra-06 LoRa module is based on Semtech SX1276 / SX1278’s LoRa spread-spectrum modulation technology. It has ultra-high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability. It adopts efficient forward error correction coding technology and has a very low bit error rate. And long-term stable data transmission capabilities. Modules and gateways run a star-shaped ad hoc network protocol that Anxin can independently develop. After the module is powered on, it can automatically find and join the gateway. There are three operation modes to choose to join the gateway.
Frequency hopping communication, you can customize the frequency hopping list, select a frequency according to the frequency list for frequency hopping. Channel detection, channel avoidance, the module performs channel activity detection before sending data, and immediately delays avoidance after interference is found. Packet filtering based on the address set by the module. If the address does not match, the packet is not received. Set the network number, and the module communicates in groups. Wake-in-air technology.
Current:Low power operation (standby)
Deep sleep
Deep sleep + timer work
Communication frequency:410MHZ-525MHZ
Transmission power:2-20dBm
Working temperature:-40 ~ + 85 degree
Storage temperature:-40 ~ + 90 degree
Operating humidity:10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage humidity:10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Communication distance:> 5km
Package included
1 x Wireless Module
Module software configuration
PC connection module serial port RX0, TX0. The default model rate is 9600, stop bit 1, even parity.
Module operation mode
When the module is powered on, it automatically enters the low-power operation mode. When the CPU is idle, it automatically shuts down, but the peripheral and IO ports are unchanged. Serial input AT command can wake up the CPU immediately, respond and process the command. After the task is processed, the CPU goes to sleep.
Try to enter a low-power sleep state when the CPU is idle. Low current operation is less than 350uA. Enter the command to enter deep sleep mode:AT + MODE = 1, at this time the power consumption reaches the minimum, and the current is 0.7uA. At this time, the timer is turned off, the module cannot perform any work, and the wake-up method:input arbitrary data into the serial port. AT + MODE = 2000, the module enters deep sleep mode, but when the timer is turned on, it will automatically wake up after 2000 milliseconds. At this time, the module current is 1uA. Can also actively wake up:input arbitrary data to the serial port.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What is Ra-06 interface, SPI or UART
A:Ra-06 is UART interface, Ra-01 & Ra-02 is SPI interface
Q:Can the MCU in Ra-06 be used to develop sensors
A:Temporarily does not support secondary development
Q:Can Ra-06 communicate with Ra-01
A:As long as the parameter settings of the two are correct, they can communicate with each other.
Q:Why is the power consumption difference between Ra-06 and Ra-01 / 02 in standby mode so much
A:Ra-01 and Ra-02 have substrate current, Ra-06 has been improved from the original
Q:Can Ra-06 work with LoRaWAN gateway Is Ra-06 only capable of point-to-point transmission
A:Can not be used together. Ra-06 can be used for point-to-point communication, or use a Ra-06 as a gateway.

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