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SI24R1 NF-01-S 2.4G Wireless Serial Module Transparent Transmission

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NF-01-S is a 100mW power 2.4G wireless module, high-altitude rate (up to 2Mbps), using SPI interface, send and receive in one pure hardware module; high stability, cost performance, Volume, use of all-industry components.
Has been mass production and reached millions of shipments, and applies to a variety of application scenarios.
NF-01-S can be widely used in a variety of networking occasions, suitable for wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless remote control, somatosensory equipment, active RFID, NFC, low power consumption network of wireless sensor networks, is the ideal solution of Internet of Things application.
NF-01-S adopt DIP-8 package, whether learning or mass production, can quickly docked to existing products, no need soldering, direct plug, easy to use.
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• DIP-8 ultra-small package, built-in 2.4G antenna, small size, easy to use
• Supports data reception for six channels
• Supports common modulation such as GFSK / FSK
• Supports 2Mbps / 1Mbps / 250Kbps data rate
•Multi-frequency:126 frequency, to meet the needs of multi-point communication and frequency hopping communication
• Internal integration of high PSRR LDOs
• Wide supply voltage range:1.9 ~ 3.6V
• Average emission current as low as 110mA
• Receiver sensitivity:-96dBm @ 250kbps
• Maximum transmit power:+ 7dBm
• Four-wire SPI interface for up to 10MHz
• Internal Integrated Smart ARQ Baseband Protocol Engine
• Transmit data hardware interrupt output
• Supports 1bit RSSI output
• Low application cost:The SI24R1 integrates all the high-speed signal processing parts associated with the RF protocol, such as automatic retransmission of lost packets and automatic generation of response signals. The SPI interface of the SI24R1 can be connected using the microcontroller’s SPI port or using the microcontroller I / O port to simulate, the internal FIFO can be with a variety of high and low speed microprocessor interface, easy to use low-cost single-chip.
• Easy to develop:Since the link layer is fully integrated on the module, it is very easy to develop. Automatic retransmission function, automatic detection and retransmission of lost packets, retransmission time and the number of retransmission software can automatically control the automatic response is not received a reply signal packet automatic response function, after receiving the valid data, the module automatically sends a response Signal, no additional programming Carrier detection – Fixed frequency detection Built-in hardware CRC error detection and point-to-multipoint communication Address control Packet transmission error Counter and carrier detection function can be used for frequency hopping settings can be set at six simultaneous receive channel address, can be selective Of the open receiving channel standard pin DIP 2.54mm pitch interface for easy embedded applications.
Size:28.6*15.3*3.2 mm
Communication Interface:SPI (The maximum rate of up to 10Mbps)
Air rate:250k~2Mbps, 3 Level adjustable(250kbps,1Mbps,2Mbps)
Spectral range:2400MHz~2525MHz adjustable, 1MHz Step forward
Antenna form:Onboard PCB antenna, gain 2dBi
Maximum transmit power:7dBm
Receiving sensitivity:-96dBm@250kbps
Average current:Emission current:25mA(7dBm)
Receive current:15mA (2Mbps)
Shutdown:current 1.0uA(Shutdown Mode)
Power supply range:1.9~3.6V, Typical value 3.3V
Operating temperature:-20 → ~ 85 →
Storage environment:-20 → ~ 90 → ,
Pin Explanation
1:VCC:-:Power supply, must be between 2.0 ~ 3.6V
2:GND:-:Ground, connected to the power supply reference ground
3:CSN:Input:The module chip select pin, is used to start an SPI communication
4:CE:Input:Module control pin
5:MOSI:Input:Module SPI data input pin
6:SCK:Input:Module SPI bus clock
7:IRQ:Output:Module interrupt signal output, low level active
8:MISO:Output:Module SPI data output pin
Package included
1 x SI24R1 NF-01-S 2.4G Wireless Serial Module

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