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MPU-6050 Module 3-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope 6DOF Module Self-balancing Trolley

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MPU-6050 is an integrated 6-axis motion processing component. Compared with the multi-component solution, it eliminates the problem of axis difference when combining the gyroscope and accelerator and reduces a lot of packaging space. MPU-6050 integrates a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerator, and includes a digital motion processing (DMP:DIGITAL MOTION PROCESSOR) hardware acceleration that can be connected to other brands of accelerators, magnetic sensors, or other sensors through the second I2C port The engine, from the main I2C port, outputs a complete 9-axis fusion calculation technology to the application side in the form of a single data stream.
INVENSENSE motion processing database can bury the complex data of motion sensing, reduce the load of motion processing on the operating system, and provide an architectural API for application development.
MPU-6050’s angular speed full-grid sensing range is ÷250, ÷500, ÷1000, and ÷2000 /SEC (DPS), which can accurately track fast and slow motions, and the user-programmable accelerator full-grid sensing The range is ÷2G, ÷4G, ÷8G, and ÷16G. Product transmission can be through I2C up to 400KHZ or SPI up to 20MHz.
MPU-6050 can work under different voltages, and the VCC supply voltage value is 3.3V or 5.0V.
1. Digitally output 6-axis or 9-axis rotation matrix, quaternion (QUATERNION), Euler angle format (EULER ANGLE FORMA) fusion calculation data.
2. A 3-axis angular speed sensor (gyro) with 131 LSBS//SEC sensitivity and full-frame sensing range of ÷250, ÷500, ÷1000 and ÷2000/SEC.
3. Programmable control, and the program control range is ÷2G, ÷4G, ÷8G, and ÷166 3-axis accelerator.
4. Remove the sensitivity between the accelerator and the gyroscope axis to reduce the influence of the setting and the drift of the sensor.
5. The digital motion processing (DMP:DIGITAL MOTION PROCESSING) engine can reduce the load of complex fusion calculation data, sensor synchronization, and posture sensing.
6. Motion processing database supports ANDROID, LINUX and WINDOWS
7. Temperature sensor with digital output
8. The digital input synchronization pin (SYNC PIN) supports video electronic image stabilization technology and GPS
9. Programmable interruption (INTERRUPT) supports gesture recognition, panning, screen zooming, scrolling, rapid descent interruption, HIGH-G interruption, zero motion sensing, touch sensing, and shaking sensing functions.
10. The VCC supply voltage is 3.3V or 5.0V;
11. Gyro operating current:5MA, gyroscope standby current:5A; accelerator operating current:350A, accelerator power saving mode current:20A@10HZ
12. Up to 400KHz fast mode I2C, or up to 20MHz SPI serial host interface (SERIAL HOST INTERFACE)
13. The built-in frequency generator has only ÷ 1% frequency change in all temperature ranges (FULL TEMPERATURE RANGE).
14. User personally test
15. 10,000G collision tolerance
16.Small and thin packaging tailored for portable products (4X4X0.9MM QFN)
Package size of MPU-6050 4X4X0.9MM(QFN)
Power supply:3-5V
Communication mode:standard ICC communication protocol, built-in 16BIT AD converter on the chip, 16-bit data output
Gyroscope range:÷250, ÷500, ÷1000 ÷2000/SEC
Acceleration range:÷2G, ÷4G, ÷8G, ÷16G
Pin pitch 2.54mm
Package included
1 x MPU-6050 Module

Weight0.0461 kg


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